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Nov 29, 2010 07:29 AM

Mongolie Grill Edmonton – What happened to the prices and service??

I have long been a huge fan of the Mongolie Grill, both locations, and have recommended it many times, however, after our dining experience Saturday night at the downtown location, we probably will not return.

Their prices seem to have gone through the roof, an almost full bowl of ingredients for me was over $30, my husband’s bowl which was 2/3 full was over $28. Dinner with a pot of green tea and a beer with tax and tip was well over the $80 mark. Why???

Service was slow and inattentive at best. We had one waitress finally come and take our order in a half full restaurant almost 15 minutes after we sat down. We were just about to start looking for someone or walk out when she arrived at our table. We were stuck in a small section in the back, near the office (which was noisy), and felt quite ignored. There were three other tables of people in our section (with two different wait staff) who received very good service. After our waitress brought our beverages, she disappeared and never returned. Our food was delivered within a decent timeframe, but again no wait staff checked on us for about 10 or 15 minutes. Finally a different waitress checked on us, refilled our beverages, etc. and then disappeared again. After we were done eating, she finally came to the table to check on us, returned with a container for my leftovers, along with the bill and then immediately went and got the credit card machine to finalize the bill.

We both left feeling overcharged and underserved, my husband will not return, my daughter and I might be stupid enough to give it one more chance, but we will see.

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  1. I have been to this place twice and both times, in my opinion, this restaurant was always about outrageously overpriced stir fry that I could make easily at home. (Even the sauces were all stuff out of a jar that can easily be bought from an Asian grocery store.) What kinds of prices were you charged before?

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      We would usually spend between $18 and $22 per bowl (nearly full to full). It has been about six months since we were there last. I have to say the service was our biggest complaint, the price of the food then seemed way out of line after that. I still miss the old Mongolian Food Experience of many years ago, they did it right IMO. I still think of their wonderful Mu Shoo Pork, yummm!

    2. I don't think that this is anything new it has always been overpriced for what you get. Better to spend your money a different restaurant and get better value..

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        I know it is not the same, but there is a Mongolie Express in the West End. They are 'fast food', but you fill up your bowls with chick/pork/beef and veg/noodles for about 7$....heck of a deal, not a restaurant with wait staff, but a great deal and great quality

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          There is one on the south side as well, decent deal and just as good as Mongolie Grill, not as nice a dining atmosphere for a date night though.

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            I think Mongolie express is now gone -- replaced with something called rice paper.