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Nov 29, 2010 06:40 AM

Raw oysters, crabs. Looking for current posts for Naples/Marco Island

Philly hound needs help: Surprised that there are so few current posts for Naples and Marco Island. Can't find the tapas place we ate at in Naples a year or 2 ago. Other than the Ritz tapas place, anything new?
Also seeking raw oysters (can we eat them?) and Stone Crab places. Enjoy down and dirty as well as New American.
Any advise truly appreciated.

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  1. In Naples, Pinchers Crab Shack is a fun, casual place for oysters, stone crabs, etc. Trulucks would be more upscale. You can eat the oysters and all other gulf seafood. Swan river seafood is another casual option.

    IM Tapas is probably where you ate a few years ago. Inca Kitchen has amazing Peruvian food. It opened a year ago and will be a bit of a drive but is worth it.

    Sorry I can't help you with Marco Island.

    1. Try the Little Bar Restaurant in Goodland (Marco Island) for stone crabs. Or if you stay in Naples, be sure to go to Kelly's Fish House. No disappointments at either place.

      1. I'm told that the best oysters on Marco Island are at the Crazy Flamingo in the Town Centre shopping center.

        Crazy Flamingo
        1035 N Collier Blvd Ste 313, Marco Island, FL 34145

        1. Thank you guys for your responses. Definitely going to Inca Kitchen.. Loved Krazy kitchen and Little Bar and will return. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

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            Is IM Tapas still open and would you recommend it?

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              It is open and it is top notch.

          2. Apalachicola oysters are in season, in good supply and condition and the oil spill did not reach them or hurt the beds in any way. Kelly's Fish House is a good place to try these oysters. Feel free to eat them raw, they are delicious.