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Nov 29, 2010 05:46 AM

ORDERING AT PHILIPPE-best way for 2?

I am going to Philippe tonight, and was wondering the best way to order for 2 people. Neither of us have been there. My boyfriend is a BIG meat/shrimp eater, me not so much. I prefer Chicken/veggies. What would be the best way to order ?

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  1. Sorry to say, you won't find a lot of love for Philippe on this board, search and see. That said, I have had the $20 prix-fixe lunch, which has been OK, but hard to complain too much for the price. Most will tell you to go elsewhere, especially considering the regular prices.

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      Agreed, however this is the one place he has been dying to try and it is a special birthday occasion, so we are going....I've heard great things, and am prepared for the expensive prices...just wondering in regards to ordering, and portion size- as I do hear they try to upsell you.

      It is for dinner not lunch