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Nov 29, 2010 05:04 AM

First Time Trying Fish – Where in MPLS Should I Go?  

Well, not literally the first time—I’ve been vegetarian for 10 years, and the last time I had fish would have been at the age of 19 or 20, and was probably a Fish Filet sandwich or perhaps the buffet at Mystic Lake or something. In other words, Fish-like Garbage.
I have no plans to eat beef/chicken anytime soon, but I’ve been thinking about re-introducing fish to my diet. My criteria:
1. At least moderately healthy (or, not unhealthy)
2. Tastes good
3. Unlikely to get me sick (it’s been so long; no idea if my stomach will be able to take it or what).
Any suggestions? I was thinking Red Stag or Bar La Grassa or something. But I really have no idea which type of fish (or seafood) to try, or which place would have the best stuff.
Price is no object, at least not for this first time. I mean, I’m not going to spend $600 on a clam or anything, but I’d be willing to pay a little extra than I normally would

Bar La Grassa
800 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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  1. I also consider myself a vegetarian. The exception is free sushi, I get gift certificates from my work sometimes, so I've cheated a few times in the last year. Other than that, I can count on one hand the number of times I ate fish on purpose in the last decade, and never red meat.

    The few times in the last 10 years that I've accidentally gotten a hold of some animal protein, I've found that the meat of it is a lot less upsetting to the stomach than a broth. I accidentally got some ham in a crepe (while traveling) once and was fine, but chicken broth will prevent me from leaving the house for a day (if you know what I mean).

    With that said, would you consider sushi? If not, I'd imagine Sea Change or Oceanaire would be good jumping off points. Or Meritage or Heartland.

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      Lucia's or Spoonriver. Halibut, wild salmon, trout.

      750 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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        Not sure if this is too late, but I'd second Sea Change. I had the sardines (perhaps the worst first choice for a newcomer fish eater, since it has a strong taste) and they were very good. In general, Sea Change has a wonderful variety of fish that they serve. The way they prepare the fish also varies from using new and inventive combination of flavors to sticking with more traditional parings. They even have a fish and chips on their bar and grill menu.

        Let us know where you end up and what you think!

        Sea Change
        806 Second Street S., Minneapolis, MN 55415

      2. Consider Oceanaire in downtown Minneapolis. Been there multiple times and it is A++. Tell them it's your first time and I'm sure they'll recommend something excellent.

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          That would have been my go-to recommendation, but they've gotten a slew of bad press recently. Maybe its unwarranted; I haven't been there in 6 months or so, but it does make me hesitate recommending them.

        2. I'd go for some sushi. That way you could mix it up a bit with your veggies if you wanted to. Tell the sushi chef of your mission and ask him about an omikase option. Omikase is what the chef thinks would be to your enjoyment. I wouldn't know where to suggest you go as I don't live in the area yet. I am interested in reading the replies so I know where to get my sushi fixes when I move to the area.

          Whatever you end up doing,

          Enjoy it.


          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Oceanaire. End of Story.