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Boston Pizza - opening at Lakeshore and Leslie

Boston Pizza is moving into one of the spaces behind the plaza at Lakeshore/Leslie - they apparently are just waiting for their liquor license.

I've never eaten there - it looks kind of chain-y and gross. Is it OK or pretty bad?

Lakeshore Restaurant
2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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  1. Pretty bad. Undercooked, overpriced pizza.

    1. Their food is ridiculously high in sodium. Of the chain restaurants, it's one of the worst.

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        The only constant of BP is the bad food -- I guess that's why it appeals to the masses.

        They must have controlling interest in the paper pulp industry -- I've had their pizza, wings and burgers and they all tasted like cardboard!

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          Glad I'm not the only person who thinks it's oversalted. Most things are too high in sodium, but at Boston Pizza you taste every grain of extra salt.

        2. This is probably the wrong board to look for a fair opinion on chains since you know you'll get the chorus of "chains suck". I don't agree, not all do. But Boston Pizza definitely does. (warning -- if you're in the U.S., you'll see it signed as "Boston's The Gourmet Pizza" -- same chain).

          You'll get better food at Jack Astor's. Yes, that bad.

          1. Friends don't let friends eat at Boston Pizza.

            Drive a few extra minutes East to Queen Margherita Pizza or North to Danforth Pizza House (for takeout).

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                I am sorry to hear this. Boston Pizza is possibly the worst Canadian chain to grace our province.

              2. To risk the wrath of the board....it's OK. I'm not saying it's great, but I find it's ok. We end up going alot since the kids like it.

                1. I pretty much concur with all of the above.


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                    As far as chains go a lot of thier menu does, well how should I say this......suck. but the beer is cold and if you go with a fairly plain pizza it's not bad....well it is pretty pricey and I thought the sauce was too sweet. Not bad but edible, jack astors on the other hand does suck

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                      Hey everyone,

                      Sorry I know this is an old thread and this is my first post here and I have to disagree with what everyone says entirely about Boston pizza. Here in Barrie at least their szechuan pizza is amazing and their bandara bread is awesome, it's probably one of my favorite with their sante fe sauce. Also, there lasagna is pretty good for a food outlet, but I don't eat it too much because I prefer homemade any day. I'm sure like any good restaurant it depends on where you eat and I've had other things there, but imo that stuff is pretty good.

                      I do agree though that their food is probably a little salty, but I don't eat extra salt, only on the stuff that's put on my food, so that may be why I like it. My one caveat is that it is rather expensive $11.15 for a personal or so ouch on the pocket. The main reason I wrote here is because I saw everyone bashing Boston pizza and on a different thread I saw a bunch of people praising Panago's Pizza. You'll pay $6 more or so for the pizza at Boston pizza, but from the Panago's I ate at there is no comparison.

                      Although if that damn Independent Pazano's Pizza (different restaurant) in Barrie wasn't so far away I'd eat there any day, but they don't deliver. So in the end it all boils down to money, so I ate at Panango's tonight and will probably eat there again for a $6 personal because I'm a broke student.

                      Thanks, Kyle.

                      44 Gerrard St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4, CA

                  2. How terribly unfortunate for that neighbourhood. BP is not even worth it for 2am "drunk ordering"

                    1. So embarrassing that a crappy restaurant is named for my hometown. We don't even like most of our own local pizza, and prefer "New York Style" pizza!

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                        I always thought that was the strangest chain branding name ever. Grew up in New England and Boston certainly wasn't known for it's pizza. Hartford and New Haven have great pizza but don't remember anything memorable in Boston. It would be like starting a chain in the states called Toronto Taco.

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                            Ha! Interesting name for a food blog.

                      2. don't go!!! probably the worst chain i can think of....funny, I think their worst offering is their pizza, and yet that's what they name themselves for. Expensive too..for tasteless pizza.

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                          Boston Pizza's product is comparable to CiCi's in the U.S. Difference is, CiCi's is an AYCE buffet...

                        2. Horrible! Over priced, terrible pizza and even worse pasta. We have one close to us on "restaurant row" and the lots is always empty compared to other neighboring restaurants. Save your money.

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                            That's not what I see over here in Durham Region. Their restaurants in Pickering, Ajax, and Whitby always have a lot of cars in their lots during lunch and dinner hours. Not that you'd see my car in there....

                          2. Boston pizza in my hometown suburb of the Twin Cities in Woodbury, MN closed down. The food is BAD.