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Nov 29, 2010 03:00 AM

Fort Myers : any supermarkets open late on Christmas Eve ?

Hi, am snowbird arriving in Fort Myers on Christmas Eve around 7pm; am desperately trying to find a supermarket or grocery store that will be open still around that time. Any help ?

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  1. I'm not aware of any. My only thought is to make arrangements to have a shopping list and arrange delivery. If you are in a condo, there may be concierge arrangments that can be made by the manager. I know some of the big condo towers have this type of service. You can get the same effect by ordering from some of the better online grocery stores. Food will be expensive, but it might be your only alternative.

    Try: Williams Sonoma, Zingerman's (Michigan), Dean and DeLuca, Maybe sending this up again on the list might get you some more replies. LMF

    1. You may want to check out the Walgreens on Daniels & International. You won't get anything great, but you can at least get some coffee, tea, milk and eggs. They have not posted their holiday hours yet. Other than that, I agree with LMF. Not finding anything open after 7.

      1. Or what about Christmas Day? We're coming in to Sanibel/Captiva...

        We've done our research on restaurants but didn't factor in Christmas Day - anything open? Chinese food in Fort Meyers?

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          most restaurants on Sanibel/ Captiva will be open. We are a tourist destination that will always have many choices on holidays. I know that Captiva House at Tween Waters has a lovely Christmas presentation. Bay Front Bistro on Fort Myers Beach is sending me info all the time regarding Christmas preparations. Thistle Lodge on Sanibel is lovely and most of the Andy Rosse Lane (Captiva) places will be open (though I doubt the Mucky Duck will oblige, he swims to his own drummer)

          Lots more I imagine.

          Mucky Duck
          Andy Rosse Ln SW, Captiva, FL 33924

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            If you want any more input, you might want to start your own thread asking for Christmas day restaurant ideas. Not many people will read this one.