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Nov 28, 2010 11:20 PM

where to buy powdered butter??

Any suggestions? I tried my local cooking/gourmet shops (here in LA, Surfas and Sur La Table). No one carries it, so I'm thinking it has to be through the internet. My quick search did not have any luck.

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    1. Type dehydrated butter into google.
      You will get many sources.
      Please share WHY you want it!

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      1. re: mr jig

        I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it (well, actually, I'm not, since it doesn't really involve me) ...

        My girlfriend has an almost pathological fear of butter. But it's the shape and feel that freaks her out. (That's why a stick of margarine is no good either.). But when I mentioned maybe using powdered butter to her, she said, "That's just fine."

        Go figure. So, since I love to bake (and since using applesauce in place of butter had not yielded good results), I'm gonna take a crack at making cookies, cakes, rolls, etc. with this powdered butter.

        The things we do for love, huh? :-)

        1. re: santamonica811

          I don't know about that bulk butter powder, but have used ButterBuds, mainly for camping. Those give butter flavor, but not butter fat. So ButterBuds are not a substitute for the fat in baking.

          1. re: paulj

            Right, Butterbuds at your local market in the spice section.
            Made from real butter ?

          2. re: santamonica811

            What shape? It is sold in blocks, sticks, pats and whipped.

            What "feel"? Does she not eat it or foods made with it? That would make your baking effort wasted on her anyhow.


            1. re: santamonica811

              it won't work though. the baking, not. . . necessarily. . . the relationship.

              1. re: santamonica811

                Hmm odd, so she's an oleophobe... :)

                Back when I had to stock up my cabin for hunting season, I usually ordered dehydrated goods from MRE Depot, and I had no issue with them.

                They had dehydrated butter and milk in bulk quantities, although I've never ordered the butter before.


              1. re: al b. darned

                Thanks guys. I now have a few resources. I mostly want to make sure that I don't have a "salty" butter powder (for obvious reasons when making sweet dishes). I may do some experimenting, and then re-post my results. Heck; experimenting in the kitchen is always fun, even when the results don't work out. :-)