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Nov 28, 2010 08:51 PM

Get $35 Taps Sunday Brunch Cert for $20+ Ralphs GC

Just saw this on OC Register (online) and had to share with those of us who love the Taps Seafood Sunday brunch. It's organised by The Heart of Downtown (Fullerton) Food Bank, a ministry of the Wilshire Avenue Community Church. As I understood it, if you take in a gc of $20 or more from Ralphs, they'll give you a $35 brunch cert.

This is a better deal than Costco's occasional offer of $100gc for $80.

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  1. that's a great deal, ann! thanks for sharing.

    i think im gonna try to take advantage of this this sunday.

    btw do you know if you can do this on sunday or do we need to exchange the gift card for the certificate before sunday?

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    1. re: frank828

      I called Taps. The brunch certificates (BC) are available thru the end of the month for use in 2011.... Limit 1 BC/person/day.