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Where Can I Find a Whole Tres Leches Cake?

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Preferably, a small one. I know places that sell by the piece or offer huge sheet cakes, but not one suitable, for say, 4-8 people. Any ideas in Manhattan

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  1. Try the bakeries around E. 116th St. You can probably order one.

    For example:

    Mexico Lindo Bakery 2267 2nd Ave (116th St)(212) 831-2976
    Valencia Bakery 1869 Lexington Ave (115th St)(212) 991-6400
    La Nueva Bakery 2129 3rd Ave (116th St) (212) 876-2990
    Capri Bakery 186 E. 116th St (212) 410-1876

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      Valencia def carries them in any size you want. I've gotten them at the valencia at lex and 105 st. it's pretty good. However you must order it in advance; tres leches is not readily available at the store like some of their other cakes.

    2. I love the cake at Cubana Cafe on Thompson. I would give them a call to see if the size is appropriate. A large piece is only $4 off the menu.

      Cubana Cafe
      110 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

      1. Apologies in advance for this answer but ask at the Bowery / Houston Whole Foods - I've seen it in the dessert 'buffet' section and in the desserts to-go section.

        1. Thanks for all your ideas. Wish I had a car!

          1. I am in a state of shock that the supposedly sophisticated Chow Hounds do not know that Tres Leches is a Honduran dessert. My people, Cubans have modified Tres Leches with Cuatro Leches which adds a Dulce De Leche topping instead of the Merengue which normally comes with it. This dessert is Honduran and so the best place to find it is to go to a Honduran restaurant and ask them to make it for you.

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              Interesting, I always thought tres leches hailed from Nicaragua, but many food historians state that the source of this cake is disputable. There are a few varieties that I know of, Mexican, Cuban, Dominican, and many Latin American countries have a favorite version. The cake most likely has its roots in Europe and has been adapted by local cuisines.

              As for procuring the cake, I'd definitely head uptown to 116th Street.

            2. Hi! I'm actually looking for those huge sheet cakes - mind sharing where you'd get one?