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Nov 28, 2010 06:38 PM



I am looking to try to make French macarons at home. I know many people have said how difficult it is to achieve the right texture but I am willing to give it a try. Does anyone have any recipe that has worked for them? I would love a fruit flavored macaron such as blood orange. Any additional tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

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  1. My favorite recipe and instructions are by Tartelette:

    I always have success with her recipes. I would do an orange/red colored macaron made with all almond meal (sometimes I use half other nuts for different flavors) and use a blood orange curd as a filling. You could also add zest to the batter with the almond meal and powdered sugar.

    I started out using a template under parchment paper to make them all the same size
    ( http://tandysinclair.files.wordpress.... )

    Be sure to leave them to dry for 30 minutes to get a good foot.

    Stack your pans to keep the bottoms from cooking too quickly, I use 2 half sheet pans stacked together. Don't put more than one pan in at a time, just leave the second parchment (with batter piped) on the counter and wait. When the first batch is done let the pans cool, pull the parchment onto the sheet and pop it in the oven

    If you want to use gel or paste food colors, add them with the almonds and powdered sugar in the food processor and add about 1/2 tsp of meringue powder to the egg whites for extra stability.

    If they don't turn out, don't be discouraged, just try again :) and use the "bad" cookies to make Eton Mess.

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      She has a wonderful blog.

      For the OP-There is a macaron tutorial on Tartelette's page, Demystifying Macarons, that may be worth a read or a look through for you.

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        1. Some great tips here! Macaron success starts with whipping the meringue to the right consistency. Then you need to combine the meringue with your dry ingredients (also knows as the macaronage). Your timing/technique is critical and you absolutely need to follow a proven recipe. I know this one works because I have used it and it produces bakery-quality melt-in-your-mouth macarons. There are many recipes out there, and I have tried my fair share of those. Not many produce smooth and round macarons like the one mentioned above. The other option is for you to buy all the best books (do a quick search on Amazon for those) and read them from cover to cover then test your knowledge! Try to learn from people who really know what they are talking about...:)

          1. I love macarons and they are well worth "figuring it out". That said everyone seems to have their own tricks to making them - and no one seems to agree on which tips and tricks are the best. So their is a lot of trial and error in the beginning. There are lots of sites that go through the process as well.

            My advice (and of course you'll get lots of people that will say just the opposite): use a recipe that calls for an italian meringue instead of a french meringue. I have much better luck and better results over time with the italian method (though occasionally I still have a batch that doesn't quite work).

            If you don't know the difference, the quick difference is that the french method just calls for whipping your whites and sugar together (which is then mixed with the other ingredients); the italian method calls for heating sugar and water and then whipping the hot sugar into your egg whites. The italian method may seem like more "fuss" but I find that it is more stable and gives me better "caps" on my macarons.

            Just my suggestion! But enjoy!