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Nov 28, 2010 06:15 PM

Looking for Gift-worthy meals/experiences


My husband and I will be in Hamilton the week after Christmas (we live in Brooklyn, though he's from Ontario) and since we have willing babysitters, i'm looking for some sort of hound-ish way to spend a night (or day) while we're in the area.

We can certainly travel to Toronto or even further for something truly special... we feel a little spoiled living in NYC, but I would love to come up with something unique to do as a Christmas gift for him. I had heard about some interesting farms that did family-style meals,but i can't seem to find the information again :( and i wish it was the season to do a sugar-shack dining experience, but (as far as i'm aware) it's not :(...

Thanks so much for any ideas you might have...

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  1. You could ask one of the wineries if they have a chefs dinner in the wine cellar. Peller and Hillebrand do it once in a while and both places have excellent restaurants. I think once a month or so they will set up tables in the cellars and you can dine surrounded by oak barrels and aging wine.

    1. Hi SparklieGirl,

      You may have been searching for Eigensenn Farms, which is now defunct (as far as I know) and has been replaced by Haisai:

      1. depending on how much time you're willing to spend, there are some interesting culinary tours in the stratford area. i can't recall what the other options are but one of them is to spend a couple hours making cheese at monforte (a great independent cheese maker) along with dinner at one of the top end restaurants there and a night's stay.

        if you're thinking of eigensinn then yes, you're out of luck. haisai is a different kind of experience.

        i know that ravine winery frequently had interesting meals during the summer and into fall, haven't heard anything since. there were a few other wineries doing events but some might be holding out for february.

        one of your best bets for something in town that might have that kind of feel is a whole animal dinner at beast restaurant. it's a nice little spot with a chef who is very dedicated to the local movement.

        1. Mark Picone, who used to be the Executive Chef at the Vineland Estate Winery restaurant in wine country (and not too too far from Hamilton) does his own culinary experiences out of his own kitchen, which has been designed for this purpose. Here is his website