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Nov 28, 2010 06:12 PM

Taverna on 2nd

Went for lunch. I had pasta my wife a calzone. Food was good but service very poor. Had to ask about specials. Our food took over 30 minutes to arrive . Had to ask for bread with my pasta. Also expensive for the amount of food. For $12 all I got was a small bowl of pasta

Much better options available

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  1. I've gone in there twice and left without ordering both times. Service was dismal, slow and unfriendly.

    1. I used to line cook at a restaurant nearby for a little while--I know way too much about Taverna--the workers are very unhappy, the kitchen is tiny, they skimp on ingredients (like really cheap nasty champagne)--here's the deal--the rent rates there are insane--they pretty much have to do what they do to stay afloat--plus, this town is full of mediocre overpriced Italian, and there's maybe 3 places I wouldn't be embarrassed to send an Italian to--just don't go there, like so many places downtown, it's a very unhappy place for the staff and the customers alike...

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        Yes, unhappy describes my experience, and the food was the unhappiest of of the 7 servers who briefly interacted with me extolled the virtues of a butternut squash tortellini dish...the pasta was gummy and the flavor was pedestrian. But taliesin15, what ARE the three places!!!????

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          Yeah, I'd like to know of those three places myself!!

      2. Sad I guess things have changed. Had the lasagne over there a few times last year and always loved it. A bechamel sauce and really good noodles. Service was good too. I can see the pressure of the 2nd street district and it's high rents getting to a place though.