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Nov 28, 2010 04:39 PM

local ingredients [Cleveland area]

I used to be able to get 8-10 duck leg/thighs for homemade confit or < 5 pounds of pork belly for homemade bacon but my local butchers in western Geauga county no longer seem to able to get this sort of thing without outrageously (from my point of view) large orders. Any suggestions? Also interested in locavor products.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can you suggest a Detroit area supplier for duck leg/thighs? I'd love to try to make confit.

      1. re: MARISKANY

        They have pork belly at the Korean grocery store EMart in Troy at Big Beaver and Dequindere and at Kaps in the Eastern Market. You can get raw duck legs at Saigon Market on John R. north of 12 Mile, and I've heard you can get fresh ducks during the holiday season at Holiday Market in Royal Oak and that they get them in on Tuesdays and they could probably cut it up for you.

        Saigon Market
        3103 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222

    2. I've never done a confit. But, in the Detroit area, I'd search for my duck in the following sequence-- 1. local poultry farms (Chelsea, MI has Back Forty Acres farm which has pasture raised ducks, on a seasonal basis); 2. big Asian grocery stores (Madison Hts, MI, has Kim Nhung Superfoods, and Ypsi has Hua Xing); 3. upscale gourmet meat markets (Birmingham and Rochester have Papa Joe's) and, lastly; 4. if you want to go frozen, which is not bad for the recipes I've done, just pick up a couple frozen New York or Indiana birds from a decent megamart, and high-temp cook the breasts while diverting the thighs and drumsticks to your confit. Obviously, during no workstream, should you dispose of your freshly rendered duck fat. :-)

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          Amen - NEVER toss the duck fat.
          Big Asian groceries are a good idea, thanks