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Nov 28, 2010 04:32 PM

Grocery store with bulk section?

I'm looking for a grocery store with a good bulk foods section. I moved back here from Seattle and haven't found a grocery store comparable to where I shopped there. Any ex-Seattlites are probably familiar with the Ballard Market or Thriftway stores. Where in Boston can I get bulk cereal, flours, lentils, candy, nuts, and dried fruit? Is there a local chain I'm missing?

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  1. Whole Foods. Particularly the new one in Dedham.

    1. I presume that you don't want to join costco or other membership warehouse store? They have all the items you want, in bulk quantities...and much cheaper (for some items, e.g. almonds/ walnuts) than any grocery store that I'm aware of.


      1. Harvest market in central square, some whole foods.

        1. BAZA, the Russian supermarket in Newton, off Needham Street past Filene's Basement has an excellent selection of the bulk foods you seek.

          30 Tower Road, Newton

          They also have lots of Eastern European and Middle Eastern delicacies, pastries, and an excellent selection of prepared foods on the hot-bar and cold-bar.