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Nov 28, 2010 04:03 PM

Zabb Queens and Playground

Haven't been to Zabb Queens since they switched owner/cook once again and stopped offering mock duck (I get the real duck salad, gf gets mock duck salad). Walked by for the first time in ages and checked out the menu. Noticed something interesting that I don't think has been mentioned on other thai threads. They have a whole "Boiled Rice Menu" that starts at 5pm. It's filled with dishes that we only recognize from seeing them at Ruen Pair in LA. Spicy pickled cabbage salads, spicy fried sunny side up egg salad, omelet with pickled garlic etc. I don't think the old Zabb (any version) had these. Anyone try this?

They also have a side order of Pandanus boiled rice. We've been obsessed with Pandanus since drinking the water at Pok Pok in portland, where it's flavored with the leaf. Generally it's used in deserts, but I'm excited to try this, and I assume all these boiled rice dishes use the pandanus leaf.

Then we saw Playground for the first time next door. Didn't notice if they used mock duck, but was upset to see the Crispy Duck salad utilizing cashews, as the old Zabb Queens and Zabb City use peanuts. (I'm allergic to cashews). I'll try substituting, but assume it's not going to be the old Zabb duck salad that made us such big fans to begin with.

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  1. It doesn't look like they have mock duck. Here's the menu:

    1. thanks, those items sound quite unique. awesome.

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        Finally went to new Zabb a few weeks ago. Re-designed. The "boiled rice" is basically Congee, and the Pandanus flavor wasn't even that strong. It was nice to have on a cold night, but I could've gone for even more of that flavor. Started with a mixed salad which was very very tasty and extremely spicey. Got crispy pork with chinese broccoli to have with the boiled rice and it was fine, but not nearly as good as that dish was at the old Zabb, which is still my gold standard for crispy pork and chinese brocc.