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Nov 28, 2010 02:56 PM

Go Fish News

Go Fish is closed from tomorrow until sometime mid January.

Ongoing renovations of the storage yard directly to the south of them mean it's time to make some changes with the overall operation.

Check their voicemail for 2011 opening date.


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    1. re: question

      This just in-Go Fish reopens Sat January 29 2011!!

      That's the message on the answering machine and I can confirm that the shack is back in place/being refitted and the deck being rebuilt as of an hour ago.

      An interesting question is what's being done with the large flat newly paved area to the south of the shack that was formerly a storage area/pile of junk.

      It certainly has the look of a p*rk*ng l*t........

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Prolly gonna be a new hi-rise there ...... ;-)

        1. re: LotusRapper

          Maybe a patio where we can sip a cool one???

    2. More news: the old Bin 942 space is reopening this summer as another Go Fish outlet. Seems like a smart move for Gord Martin and Co. I can't find details anywhere online but I presume this won't affect the original location.

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      1. re: grayelf

        So THAT's what they're up to with those renos. Thanks for the intel!

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            From the press release, via CityFood:

            Gord Martin, Executive Chef, artist, cookbook author and owner of Bin 941, Bin 942 and Go Fish Ocean Emporium in Vancouver, is pleased to announce that he will open a second GO FISH location this summer at Broadway and Granville, in the current Bin 942 space.

            The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily, with increased seating for more family style dining.

            With a bigger kitchen comes a bigger menu and GO FISH West Broadway chef, Rob Cleland, along with Executive Chef Gord Martin, are creating great additions to the GO FISH original menu. The influence of Mexican and Asian flavours will continue to elevate fresh, local, always sustainable, fish flavours, while local Granville Island beer remains the secret batter ingredient in what many call "North America’s best fish and chips".

            The same menu will be offered all day and priced for affordable, casual dining, along with more substantial dinner specials that could include whole fish, seasonal items such as BC Spot Prawns, or a crab or prawn boil. Look for afternoon delights in the form of seafood and drink specials from 3 to 5 p.m. Unlike their unlicensed sister restaurant, GO FISH West Broadway will offer a large selection of BC wines by the glass, bottled and on-tap micro brews, as well as fresh ingredient cocktails.

            Bin 942 is now closed but reservations are now being taken for the new restaurant. The room is receiving a coat of fresh white paint as it’s taken back to a simpler décor with artist Martin creating unique objects throughout the room.

            GO FISH West Broadway
            (Formerly Bin 942)
            Open daily 11am – 10 pm starting sometime in mid to late July
            Reservations are available for parties of 6 or more
            1521 West Broadway at Granville
            Vancouver, BC V6J 1W6
            (604) 734-9421

            Go Fish Ocean Emporium
            1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J, CA

            1. re: Anne M

              Hmmm...not a great idea in my opinion. Half the draw of go fish is the location.

              1. re: waylman

                If it takes some of the pressure off the original location then I'm all for it-I rarely visit from May to October because of the crush of people/lines/general mayhem.

                As to the new/old place unless someone has a magic wand there won't be any more room and I have no idea how they're going to fit a table for 6 adults in anywhere.

                And if the music is as loud as it was @ 942.........count me out.

                1. re: Sam Salmon

                  942's loud music was part of their appeal !

                  But today's music ain't got the same soul,
                  I like that old time rock 'n' roll.


                  1. re: Sam Salmon

                    The answer, as it is at the orginal location, is takeaway, in my case, to my office :-). There are so few good places for lunch near Granville and Broadway, I am thrilled at this addition.

                    1. re: grayelf

                      I'm thrilled as well, the stays at the sister around the corner will be so much more enjoyable as I won't have to schlep down to Granville Island! Whee!

                      1. re: bdachow

                        They're now open for lunch and dinner. This week is the classic Go Fish menu with more entrees and desserts being added next week.
                        Small but effective wine selection by the glass with nothing more than $8.
                        Three beers on tap (Red Devil and Red Truck).

                        1. re: eatrustic

                          I stuck my nose in yesterday and the space is much improved from Bin 942 days IMO. I think I'll wait till they have some different offerings than the original to try it out, though.

                          1. re: grayelf

                            Tried it out last night - before word gets out and line ups start. Space is brighter and more summery than old Bin decor. Same calibre of food as the other Go Fish and surprisingly food stand prices... in a sit-down restaurant. Go Fish will be competing with Lin as our favorite neighborhood cheap eat.

                2. re: Anne M

                  Hmmmnn ... I wonder if the new location will also have the same lacklustre, withdrawn and seemingly entitled staff from the Granville Island location? :)

                  1. re: bill_n_opus

                    FWIW the staffer I chatted to on Tuesday was the opposite of what you described so that is promising.

                    1. re: grayelf

                      Went for lunch today- it was packed. As soon as we were seated, the sales terminal went down. Only two people running the front- manager and one waitress. They scrambled to keep up, but for lunch service it was pretty slow, particularly as they had to negotiate how to get orders flowing to the kitchen.
                      Paying was the toughest part- only one pin machine. ???
                      Both ladies were very nice, did their best so I have no complaints towards them.

                      This place could benefit from having one other server at lunch, and get their tech in order to support a small restaurant- this is not a fish shack! Particularly important in the first few weeks while hammering out the kinks.

                      The food...
                      Nine dollars for a piece of cod the size of a tempura shrimp, plus a small bowl of heavily over-seasoned fries and dollop of coleslaw? Wow.
                      A brief look around the room and none of the portions seemed overly generous.
                      I certainly feel like I've had better portions at the original location.

                      1. re: majordomo

                        i went about 10 days ago and I'm not sure I'll be back....$30 bought me a patheticly small piece halibut tail and chips (SO greasy!) and two salmon tacones (and a 30 minute wait). Hey, I'm all about the ambience and such, but this was such a sad effort on their part Im not sure I'm evening willing to back. i'll go back to Steveston if i want mediocre fish n'chips at an enormous price......grrrr! Sad.....because this is one place we've recommended to many friends...

                        1. re: Quattrociocchi

                          Thanks for the early feedback on the eats, ls, md and Qc. I'm sorry to hear about the tiny portions but super greasy is very bad. I've never been head over heels for the food at the original spot but the experience/location made up for it enough to go a few times a year. Will reserve judgment till I've tried it myself of course, however it may be a while before I do.

                          1. re: grayelf

                            Went for lunch today with a couple of colleagues. One colleague ordered the tuna carpaccio salad nicoise and the tuna was frozen onto the plate because the restaurant keeps the orders in the freezer. They promptly provided a replacement thawed version. The other colleague ordered the scallop ceviche but received bacon-wrapped scallops with grilled romaine. The staff were very apologetic and quickly prepared the correct dish and left the original plate for us to enjoy. I always order the oyster po' boy but today's version was smaller and looked quite lonely on the plate (although there was a small bowl of coleslaw) and the oysters were much smaller than I've had in the past. Overall the service was very good (they apologized three or four times for the mix ups), they didn't charge us for the original wrong dish, and they gave a discount on the tuna carpaccio. Although the new location is much more convenient to go to for a workday lunch, I prefer their Fisherman's Wharf location. Food probably does taste better when eaten out of doors.

                      2. re: grayelf

                        Well, it looks like the opposite may have happened?

                        Better service and positive attitudes ... but small portions/questionable quality/high-ish prices?


                        I think i'd rather have good food and portions at acceptable prices and be able to retreat outdoors somewhere - and deal with brief service issues. :)

                        1. re: bill_n_opus

                          I've eaten at the Fisherman's Wharf location 4 or 5 times since it opened and have always thought the place is totally overrated and don't get the line ups!

                          1. re: lominator

                            The Fisherman's Wharf location is much better in winter-Staff are able to take a bit of extra time with orders and it shows-plus soup tastes so much better when air is cold.


            2. I think I'll wait a few weeks yet before going, so hopefully they'll have ironed out more of their initial wrinkles :-)