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Nov 28, 2010 01:55 PM

Signature dinner at Chez Francois [Vermillion Ohio]

Went up to Chez Francois last night for the signature dinner. They switched to a truffle theme which was quite different from what they had on the website. We were amazed! The opener was scrambled eggs in the shell with truffles of course and paired with a Rose' Prossecco. Curious as to how that would work but pleasantly surprised at how stunning it was. Next was the scallop en croute with an Italian white I can't recall. I'm not much into scallops but this was the best scallop dish I've ever had. Next was a Grilled wild salmon with a Barolo. I was skeptical but was again pleasantly surprised. The veal course was next and was outstanding. Can't recall the wine but we enjoyed it. The end came with a truffle/vanilla bean ice cream with a wine that was similar to Sauternes and all I can say is you must try this ice cream before you die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly a wonderful evening.

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  1. Is it in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Ohio?

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      Sorry. Vermillion Ohio. Really cute little town.

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        Thanks for the review and dinner description, Elizabeth, it sounds wonderful.

        For those who might be wondering where in Ohio, it's on the lake, between Toledo and Cleveland. I just googled it to see if it was within driving distance from Dayton, but unfortunately not unless we wanted to make a weekend of it.

    2. I've eaten at Chez Francois several times and it was excellent every time. It's interesting to find such a high-quality restaurant in a fairly out-of-the-way location.

      It's also worth noting that it's dressy, i.e. they require jackets for gentlemen when eating in the main dining room. I think they also have a casual room and an outdoor deck but I don't know the specifics of those (e.g. menu).

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        I had one the best meals ever there. I was treated to meal by Lee Jones from Chef's Garden after I taught a cooking class at the farm. He suggested we try it and it was amazing. I think I am do for a return visit!!

        1. re: chefperkey

          The wine dinners are wonderful. We especially like the annual Bordeaux dinner. In the summer sitting on the deck watching the boats go by feels like you aren't in Ohio.

      2. have been to Chez Francois several times....never disspoints. A great spot to sit outside along the water in summer. Outstanding food, and service. Jackets required inside....dressy casual outside. Also the upstairs martini bar is great...interesting snacks up there too!