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Nov 28, 2010 12:38 PM

any good store bought potato latkes around montreal area?

Ok ok I know home made is best but no time right now
A lot of these are made with potato starches etc - never saw like a home made one - maybe someone can prove me wrong..

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  1. Atlantique on Cote des Neiges is delicious! Family run business.

    Boucherie Atlantique

    5060 Cote des Neiges
    Montreal, H3V 1G6

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    1. re: waziboy

      Second! This is our favourite. You can also get good frozen ones at Batory Euro-Deli: 115 Rue Saint-Viateur W (514) 948-2161

      161 Boul Maple, Chateauguay, QC J6J3R1, CA

      1. re: stak


        Boucherie Atlantique
        5060 Cote des Neiges

        The one caveat is that these are very thin, truly like a pancake, which works wonderfully - they just aren't the thicker type some people might associate with the term "latke".

        Real Bagel
        4940 Queen-Mary

        Shockingly bad.

        Real Bagel
        4160 Rue Sainte-Catherine W, Westmount, QC H3Z1P4, CA

    2. Have you tried Solly's on Westminister corner Mackle in CSL. There is also another great store next door called Quality Fruits that also makes alot of prepared deli food.

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        You are unfortunately mistaken as Quality Fruits in located on Westminster closer to Sherbrooke Street.Adar Bakery is at the other end of Westminster on the way to Mackle as you head in that direction.This Kosher bakery will have Latkas as well as the Traditional Sufganiyot-strawberry-filled jelly donuts for Hanukkah.Bought them last year-amazing.They had different fillings-lemon,chocolate,and others as well.Enjoy!

        1. re: yumms

          Hmmm...I haven't lived in that area in a few years, but if memory serves, yeggy is correct: the grovery near Mackle is called Quality Fruits (and lives up to its name), and the other fruit store down by Sherbrooke is called Bol de Fruits.

          (The latter is interesting too, but different - more Asian and ethnic products; whereas the one by Mackle has healthy prepared meals and imported stuff from the States.)

          Anyway, back to latkes. I'm pretty sure the ones from Sollys and Adar are the stodgy starchy kind the OP is trying to avoid...probably best to stick with places that make them fresh.

          I do recall having gotten some amazing latkes at several delis around town over the years, but it's been too long to remember the details. For starters though, check out the places discussed in this thread - it's about chopped liver, but I think any deli that still makes their own chopped liver is probably a good bet for latkes this time of year:

          Happy Chanukah!

          1. re: yumms

            Yeggy is right, Quality Fruits is located on Westminster/Mackle next to Sollys.
            However, I still believe Atlantique has the most amazing latkes that are not made by my bubby.