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Nov 28, 2010 12:11 PM

Knoxville's best?

I been going back up to Knoxville alot this year since getting a shot at season tickets to the Vols, and I went to school at UT as well so I sorta know the area, but really i've been fairly dissappointed with my efforts in finding the best places to eat. I'd love to hear recommendations. I do have some limitations though
1.) No chains.
2.) No chains.

The only local gem in Knoxville that has really surprised me has been the Linderhoff, which is hands down the best German food i have had ANYWHERE. Yes i know people whine about the wait there, but a restaurant like that is not where you go before or after another "event". Eating at the Linderhoff is the main EVENT. If they'd ever like to move to Chattanooga we'd gladly welcome them, as would the VW plant down here and growing german population. That is maybe in my top 10 food experiences from coast to oast here and four continants of travel. Anyone who gripes about the wait does not deserve the experience of that places's epic.

So in knoxville? I've heard good things about Wrights cafeteria? and I'm all about a classic southern cafeteria place if it's high quality. I also am ALL about any place that has a large selection of good country vegtables, I love all sorts of ethnic dives, Thai, Sushi, Indian, REAL mexican, etc.....what places stand out not just on Knxville, but would around the country? What's the best meat and three type place, one that would make your grandmother jeolous? What I care about is quality food in every price range.

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  1. The S+W Cafeteria is overrated, in my opinion.

    Big Fatties on Kingston is where you want to go for Meat + 3.

    If you're on Gay St:
    Downtown Grill and Brewery (Hearty Burgers + Housemade Beer),
    Bistro at the Bijou (local, fresh, very affordable - and my fave joint for pimento cheese)
    The French Market (Crepes, crepes, and more crepes... and Nuetella)
    Coolato Gelato (house made gelato and lighter meal options)

    Market Square
    Tomato Head for pizza, sandwiches, and salads
    Oodles for appetizers and pastas.

    For Mexican : Senor Taco on N Broadway. It looks chintzy at first, but if you select from the portion of their menu that is *real* Mexican (not just queso and chips) you get the real thing. They also have tongue and throat-meat tacos. And if that weren't enough, there's a salsa bar with 8 different types of salsa and cactus salad.

    Tomato Head
    12 Market Sq, Knoxville, TN 37902

    Senor Taco
    3325 N Broadway St, Knoxville, TN 37917

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    1. Mmm I'm all about beef tongue Taco's I haven't had one, but I love beef tongue. Any thoughts on Wrights?

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      1. whoever posted this when you posted it it was my birthday!!!! AND SRRY I cant help u with ur ?

        1. Wright's has been around forever. I am not a big meat eater so can't comment on all their meats. But their fried chicken is fantastic. They don't serve it on Friday. They do have salmon patties, country ham, baked and or fried fish, meat loaf. But I go for the chicken and the veggies and their homemade rolls. love their deviled eggs, fried okra, green beans, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes. Their pies are homemade and so is their banana pudding. Open for dinner on Thursday and not open on the weekends. I have tried Big Fatties and been disappointed every time.

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            Wright's serves lunch only...but are open Thursday evening. I find their NO credit card/NO debit card unbelievable! Food very pedestrian...and with a high CASH ONLY price. Guess you are paying for the grease.

          2. The best Knoxville restaurant is actually in Maryville - Foothills Milling Co. In September, when we wanted to know where to eat in Knoxville - this is the advice we were given. It was a great choice.

            Foothills Milling Co
            315 S Washington St, Maryville, TN 37804

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              Excellent Restaurant! You did good!