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Looking for nice looking vegetable dish that can be made ahead of time for dinner party

Hi All - Having trouble finding in the archives. We're having a Hanukkah dinner and all the vegetable dishes I've found require sauteing right before serving. I find it difficult to do while trying to entertain at the same time so looking for a nice dish that can be prepared and then heated/cooked prior to dinner. Would prefer no cheese, but open to your ideas. Thx so much!

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  1. Would a dark green salad with pomegranate seeds be acceptable or does it have to be a cooked vegetable dish? That salad is one of the most beautiful to behold...the pom seeds (or arils) look like gems.

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      Basalmic glazed onions: they are gorgeous and I think they would be great with latkes.


    2. Roast assorted vegetables, maybe not until quite as caramelized as you'd like, then just before the meal bring them to room temp, return to the sheet pan, and blast for a few minutes in a hot oven.

      Creamed/ escalloped vegetables, or (cheeseless) gratins can all be prepared ahead and reheated in microwave or oven.

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        I like the roasted vegetable idea. You can take small parsnips and carrots, scrape or peel them but leave almost whole. Roast with some herbs and GG suggests. These look beautiful on a platter.

        As another idea along similar but different lines, you can kind of braise small potatos with some herbs in some chicken broth until the broth is almost all absorbed. Then blast at the end on the stovetop until all the broth has been absorbed or cooked off and th potatoes get a bit crusty. These are wonderful - creamy and with the chicken flavor, and crusty on the outside. If you want more detailed instructions (from Fine Cooking) let me know.

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          Roasted vegetables is a great idea- there's something in the mix for everyone. For a party, I like to roast the veggies in separate sections and arrange them on a large platter in stripes. Makes for a striking presentation and everyone can take the veggies they want.

          The veggies can be pre-cooked or just cut up and put on the trays. If you have time to roast them fresh, it doesn't take much watching, just let them go till browned.

          An unusual but delicious addition to a platter of roasted veggies- chunks of roasted fennel!

        2. How about a medley of vegetables? Pre-cut your vegetables into your favorite shape. I generally cut slices on the bias with a quarter turn for a slightly different shape ...then I blanch them and shock for later use. When it comes time to serve, I have a pot of boiling water ready with a butter & olive oil mixture in a mixing bowl sitting on top of the pot of water, creating a double boiler. I drop the vegetables into the water for a minute, remove and drain , then season and toss. Transfer to a serving bowl and you are done. My medley will usually consist 5-6 of the following vegetables:

          Yellow Squash
          Sugar Snaps
          Green Snow Pea Pods
          Green Beans
          Sliced Shallots
          Herbs are optional

          1. I am doing a fancy salad too - not sure why I feel the need to do a vegetable dish as well. Maybe I don't?...do we think lemon glazed carrots would work to make a bit ahead and then heat up?

            1. I had replied earlier, not sure why the post hasn't shown up.

              This year we had a HUGE success at TG and at another party that evening, with Baked Artichoke Hearts from Martha Stewart's site. Very easy to make, easy ingredients, and can be made earlier and reheated.


              It looks very good, and tastes good!

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                Oh I LOVE this idea. Thanks so much...!!

              2. My MIL made this: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe...
                and brought it for Thanksgiving. It was outstanding, and super easy. I ran out and bought some beets the next day just so we could eat the leftover romesco mayo. You can buy presteamed beets if you're out of time or do both the beets, asparagus and the mayo the day before. It's best served at room temp (with the sauce cold from the fridge), so no reheating at all. People who are dieting can just enjoy the steamed veggies w/o the sauce.

                1. Thomas Keller's confit byaldi, better known as the ratatouille that appeared in the movie of that name, is a great make-ahead dish.

                  I've made it a couple of times, and it never looks as gorgeous as the dish in this link, but it is still is impressive and delicious.


                  1. Did this for Thanksgiving last week, was able to make it in advance and re-heat and was huge hit:

                    2 lb. brussels sprouts, trimmed and ends cut off
                    3 T good quality olive oil
                    1/3 cup sliced shallots
                    1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
                    1 T chopped garlic
                    salt & pepper

                    Preheat oven to 425. Grease large cookie sheet so sprouts are in one layer. Mix everything together. Roast covered with alum foil for 10 min (to steam), uncover and roast another 20 min, stirring once or twice so sprouts don't burn. Re-heat in low oven for 5-10 min to serve.

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