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Looking for fresh okra

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Hello! I'm looking for fresh okra. I tried the Jean-Talon market (Nino, Louis, etc.), but couldn't find any. I was told the asian markets on St-Denis/Jean-Talon might have some, but would anybody know of sompleace else that would have some ? (Same for filé powder...)
I recently got back from New Orleans, and want to use the Donald Link cookbook I got there...

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  1. I got some 2 months ago at the Loblaws on Sherbrooke east - no idea if they always have it in stock or if okra might be a seasonal product

    1. I have purchased fresh okra from Eden many times. Don't know if they carry it all the time or if it is seasonal. Ask the owner. They are very helpful there.

      1. Saw them at Loblaws about a month ago.

        You could try SuperC on St.Jacques, they usually carry Carribbean produce.

        1. Saw some yesterday at Marche Hawai in VSL.

          1. Super C on Notre Dame near the Atwater market usually has. And I recently saw some at a grocery store in the Plateau (the former is pretty cheap, the latter was ridiculously expensive). It's more common than you might think but how "fresh" it is will probably depend on how long it was spent sitting on a truck. Certainly won't be up to par to anything down south.

            There is also frozen okra avail in some food shops which be cheap way to experiment before ponying up money on fresher ingredients.

            1. Saw some at Akhavan on the weekend. It was very fresh-looking. Made me think about making gumbo.

              Do not have a source for file powder, however - we bring it back from trips down south. Was just talking about it with the chevf/owner at Kitchenette - he said he has his mother send it.

              1. I bought some good looking, fresh okra at Sami Fruit in Lasalle on Monday. They usually have it, but its not always that good looking.
                File' powder - now thats something I looked for in these parts for years...no luck. Had a friend who was going to Nialeans and asked him to bring me back some file'. He returned with this:
                a large plastic, spice bottle of Gumbo File' for $10 (the price now stands at $13).
                You can contact them and see if they'll ship to Mtl, although with shipping, that tub-o-file' runs $23USD...a bit steep, but cheaper than plane fare...plus it'll likely last a long time.