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Nov 28, 2010 10:30 AM

Christmas Eve in Santa Fe (again...)

Hi all,

I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I have a variation on the question of Christmas Even dinner in Santa Fe:

My partner and I are visiting Santa Fe for the holidays this year. It will be the first trip there for his parents. My partner and I have been several times. We have a good amount of time planned in the area and plan on hitting a number of our favorite restaurants.

But my partner's father is not the world's most adventurous eater. Kind of a meat and potatoes type. He is willing to venture out of his comfort zone on this trip. But for Christmas Eve, we want to make sure he can have the kind of dinner he would want. This would mean:

1) Relatively traditional Christmas food (turkey/ham, mashed potatoes, etc...);
2) NOT a fancy or stuffy environment (so, while Geronimo or The Compound may offer a turkey entree, I don't think that would be the right atmosphere).

A good hotel restaurant buffet with carving stations would probably suffice.

The alternative is just for us to cook, which would be fine except for the fact that we want to do the Farolito Walk and so would have to cook before that and just heat up food when we get back...

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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  1. The only kind of food like you mention that I've seen in online menus is the Xmas day buffet at La Plazuela. My partner and I are also looking for xmas eve, but wanting the more trad SW stuff - posole, chile, etc.

    1. We really like Andiamo! It is Italian, so I am not sure if that will work but it is a lovely restaurant and not at all stuffy.

      Amaya at Hotel Santa Fe is another possibility. O'Keefe Cafe too. Galisteo Bistro

      Not sure about the menu, but you could call. [Not seeing Christmas eve menus online.]

      322 Garfield Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

      O'Keeffe Cafe
      217 Johnson Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

      Galisteo Bistro & Wine Bar
      227 Galisteo St, Santa Fe, NM 87501