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Nov 28, 2010 09:59 AM

Mustard seed substitution in pickled grapes?

I have an untried pickled grapes recipe which I jotted down years ago (don't recall source). It calls for seedless black grapes, white vinegar, sugar, cinnamon stick, peppercorns, salt, and brown mustard seed. I have everything on hand except that I have yellow mustard seeds, not brown. I am not determined enough to try the recipe if I have to hunt around or mail-order the brown ones. I like prepared brown mustard, but not prepared yellow. How different will this recipe be if I use the yellow seeds?

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  1. I really doubt that you (or most folks) could tell the difference in flavor at all.
    Black, Brown and Yellow Mustard seeds all taste virtually the same.
    Prepared mustard is a completely different animal.

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        Thanks to you both. I just put the recipe together. Not really sure why I was interested in the first place - maybe just curiosity since it does sound odd. I must have had something in mind for which it was to be an accompaniment, but don't recall what. Maybe it will be good next to a turkey sandwich or with crackers and the Dubliner cheese I just opened.

        1. re: greygarious

          This sounds like it could be a good holiday gift.
          We were thinking of making some pickles of some kind for gifts and this sounds s little different.

          Could you share the recipe? And your assessment of how it turned out?

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            I'd love to see the recipe as well, Ive been interested in some pickle experiments myself lately, thanks!

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              The smittenkitchen one linked to downthread is one of MANY identical recipes online. I searched CH to see if I got it here and found the link in a thread on grapes.
              It's supposed to chill for a few days so I don't know yet. Also, I hadn't written down the part about slicing the "navel" off, so all I did was remove the stems. Perhaps the brine won't permeate as well that way. It's not vacuum-canned so while you could make them as gifts, they can't be stored at room temp.

      2. Sounds like an Italian mostardo. I'll bet it would make a fine crostini topping, maybe along with a complementary cheese. Do share your experience!

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          I looked up mostardos on google based on your tip. I'm not that wild about mustard myself, but had an indian recipe once or twice where mustard seeds were "popped" in a bit of butter adn then added to yogurt. And then put over banana slices. I wonder if the popped mustard seeds could be used with grapes and a pickling liquid?

        2. I just remembered a recipe I had seen a while ago that looks kind of similar:

          This might make a good Christmas gift with instructions to use for New Years.

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          1. re: karykat

            I made these and LOVED them. We had friends over and served the grapes as part of a cheese/bread/fruit platter. They are literally like bursts of wine in your mouth, in fruit form.