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Nov 28, 2010 09:24 AM

Burger Centric in Albany -- The best burger ever!

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of discovering the best hamburger place (at least since the Hippo in San Francisco closed 35 years ago.) This is Burger Centric on Delaware Avenue in Albany, where Dave Khan, who hails from Pakistan, presides as the owner, maitre d', waitstaff, chef, and genial host. He uses only the freshest ingredients, grinds his own beef (whenever possible), cuts the potatoes for fries only when there is an order. Burgers are cooked to order (my wife had the gorgonzola burger, cooked well done and still juicy and flavorful -- unlike all too many well done burgers. Dave also experiments with spices -- his Chef's Special (which I had on a Kobe Beef burger @ 10.95) is made with onions, ginger, and other spices -- it was exquisite.

I also invite others to the following review on Yelp, which I heartily second:

The only points of caution are that Dave took over space that had been occupied by a failing Chinese restaurant -- The decor is serviceable (but then, with such food, accompanied by Jonathan Schwartz on the radio, who can complain?) and the fact that the location is at the end of the Delaware Avenue business district -- I might not go there after dark. Dave assured us that, when his lease is up, he will find a better location.

Note: No alcohol, but they take credit cards and do take out.l

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  1. A juicy well-done burger? Quite the oxymoron. In the future if you really expect your burgers to be juicy (and don't want a dirty look from the cook), don't order anything above medium.

    1. Worst lambburger I've ever had! Extended with what appeared to be huge chunks of bread in the meat. Soggy fries cooked in low-temp oil. Awful.

      1. The Yelp reviews are mixed . . .

        SO told me that Oliver's makes a great burger:

        He also likes the kobe burger at Bloomer's An American Bistro.