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Sue Perette -- a rare turnaround story

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I'm starting a new discussion on Sue Perette, the french place on Smith Street. I went when it first opened (a year ago?) and had a very overpriced, very disappointing meal. It was so... "off" that we talked about it for weeks. A friend raved about their recent meal there though so my wife and I gave it a 2nd chance. After all, who in life doesn't deserve a second chance?

Well, we're so glad we did. We've been twice now. Once for brunch and once for dinner. Both times we've found every dish extremely well executed, the prices reasonable, the staff friendly and helpful and room pleasant. And best of all? No wait for a table.

What did we eat? Last night it was 2 glasses of wine, the lentil salad (with a fantastic hint of citrus), the filet mignon with mashed potatoes and haricot vertes, a side of brussel sprouts (which I swear had a secret ingredient but the kitchen swears otherwise) and a side of cauliflower gratin (lots of butter and garlic -- we're going to try and replicate at home tonight).

What did we have for brunch? I had the lardon frisee salad. She had some dish with eggs and bacon and red wine sauce. Brunch was not as good as dinner, but it was solid, especially for the price.

So... let's hear about your *recent* experiences there. Good? Bad? Meh?


Sue Perette
270 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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  1. I posted on the original thread for SP that I had been reluctant to try the place with the mixed reviews. We went for the first time about 2 months ago and we're glad we did. Great food in a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend it.