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Nov 28, 2010 09:14 AM

HELP ME!!! I am looking for a wedding reception restaurant in Pasadena!

Ive heard about the Athenaeum at Cal Tech but you need to be a member and I am not one. Any other ideas?

Please help me add to my list!!


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  1. What is on your list, (other than the Athenaueum)? That will enable hounds to avoid recommending places you already have on your radar. What sort of per person budget are you working with?

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      and how many people are you expecting?

    2. You do not need to be a member yourself, but you need a member to sponsor you. Alumni, faculty, graduate students and associate members (anyone who wants to pay to join) can all help you out. The building is quite lovely. I should know, I worked 2-3 weddings every weekend when I was a student there long ago.

      Another spot on campus is Dabney Gardens. It is the courtyard for one of the liberal arts buildings, and it is also a lovely spot, and I am pretty sure you can use your own caterer. I don't know how to book it, but I image you could contact the Institute and sort it out in a call or two.