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Nov 28, 2010 06:11 AM

Looking for group cocktails and apps downtown/Fanueil

I'm looking for a place to have an open bar, or set drink/cocktail menu along with finger foods, either buffet or passed, although buffet is probably better. We'll all be at a few different hotels, but most of us in the downtown/Fanueil Hall area, a group of about 40-50. Prefer a set price, rather than a cash bar for drinks, but I realize much of New England operates on a cash bar basis, at least for any events I've been to, so I don't know how possible that is.

Type of food isn't important, but of course, it shouldn't suck.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I recently attended a medium-sized event (about the size you describe) at the Millennium, with passed food and wine. The food was quite good. No liquor was offered cash or otherwise, so I'm not sure how they would handle that. It was in the "Seasons Ballroom," which overlooks Faneuil Hall itself, so the view was quite impressive.

    1. Anthem has a room upstairs and could probably accommodate.

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        Thanks for the suggestion. I'd already contacted them, and have just been waiting for the long weekend to end.

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          I'm glad you mentioned this as a good idea, since I'd already contacted them!

        2. The State Room, a function space atop 60 State St, does that sort of thing well.

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            Thank you, but I think this is above and beyond what we're looking for.

          2. How about Kingfish Hall? Nice space, great location, their website says they host parties for 25-150.
            Some here dis the food, but I've always had good luck, and for this sort of function, I bet they'd be great.

            Kingfish Hall
            188 South Market Building, Boston, MA 02109