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Nov 28, 2010 05:39 AM

Lunch recs in walking distance of Tiffany's for older group?

My mom's leaving suburbia for Manhattan with three friends. All well dressed and adventurous. They'd like something ethnic, but not exotic, for lunch on Friday. Also, it must be within a few blocks of Tiffany's. They would love Boqueria for tapas, but too far away. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

53 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

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  1. How about Seasonal, a lovely Austrian bistro on 58th Street?

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    1. Fig and Olive (off of 5th Ave) would be perfect.

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        Update: The ladies went to Estatorio Milos. They all loved it! Fantastic food and wonderful service. Three courses, a glass of wine, and generous tip for just under $60 each. I thank you for your suggestions.