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Lunch recs in walking distance of Tiffany's for older group?

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My mom's leaving suburbia for Manhattan with three friends. All well dressed and adventurous. They'd like something ethnic, but not exotic, for lunch on Friday. Also, it must be within a few blocks of Tiffany's. They would love Boqueria for tapas, but too far away. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

53 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

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  1. How about Seasonal, a lovely Austrian bistro on 58th Street?


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    1. Fig and Olive (off of 5th Ave) would be perfect.

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        Update: The ladies went to Estatorio Milos. They all loved it! Fantastic food and wonderful service. Three courses, a glass of wine, and generous tip for just under $60 each. I thank you for your suggestions.