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Nov 28, 2010 05:12 AM

Anyone tried the mexican food from truck across the street from Harris Teeter in Carrboro, NC?

I heard it's amazing.

Harris Teeter
, New Bern, NC 28560

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  1. I don't recall the name of this truck. It's in the hardware store parking lot across from the Teeter on the weekend evenings. I ordered from there once. Got 3 tacos, tongue, carnitas, and tripe. All were excellent. They also had the regular kinds on meat like carne asada, al pastor, etc. The meat was rich and flavorful. The salsas were bright and appropriately spicy. Another plus is that they also make the roasted corn with crema and cheese. That stuff is awesome. This truck is on our list for upcoming family taco night.

    There are many things I love about taco trucks. Not the least is that they're so easy to try. Order a few tacos and you'll usually spend less than $6. The worst taco I've had from a truck was average. For the most part, they've been quite good.

    1. Tom is right, it is good. For my cash the one over by Johnny's (down Main St. towards the Carrboro post office) is a hair better but I'm a happy eater at either of them.

      1. I just call this one "The Fitch Lumber Truck" since I don't know what its real name is but, at any rate, this truck is pretty great. The chicken is always really moist and flavorful, the al pastor is perfectly delicious, plus the guacatillo salsa they have available in the squeeze bottles is probably the best I've had anywhere in the triangle. Nice, strong flavors and a very spicy jalapeno kick! I'm always very happy when I get a chance to eat at this truck.

        1. Ha I had a feeling it must be good! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Carrboro.