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Nov 28, 2010 05:11 AM

Final Decisions about a dishwasher

I posted last week about my dishwasher search and thanks to all of your informed advice, I went out shopping and I think I narrowed it down. As for the Meile, we are ruling that out--really too pricey even though I am sure it is a wonderful machine, as many people said. Consumer Reports rates Bosch highly, but when I examined them in the showroom, I was concerned about the space (seems small) and the plate racks seem narrow (perhaps to hold more delicate plates vs. heavier earthenware). On a day to day basis, I realized that the ease of loading and space is important to me. So, I examined the Kitchenaids, which many people here on CH told me in my earlier post was a decent machine. I like the interior set up better--much more flexible for holding various kinds of items. We need a simple stainless steel front to match other appliances in our kitchen, so I am thinking about the KUDC03FVS. Does anyone have any knowledge about this model in particular before I head out to buy it? Might there be reasons to run in the other direction? Thanks again!

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  1. I won't say to run in a different direction, I have a KA dishwasher I bought about a year and half ago. It's stainless front, stainless tub, but the control panel is one the front - looks like yours is on the top of the door? Anyway, the main board fried, and now the detergent dispenser motor fried. I won't say run the other way, but I guarantee you that I will probably think long and hard about getting a different model. I'm not real happy about the way this thing cleans, and although it was whisper quiet at the beginning, it's gotten noticably louder. Sorry, Kitchenaid, bu it's getting more and more apparent that you're living off of your former attention to quality. For what I paid for my KA, I really think I'd be much happier spending half of what I paid for a Whirlpool, or a Kenmore. (Ps, I think Whirlpool might make them BOTH anyway.) I'd seriously ask myself if the features are worth paying more for a similar machine with a different nametag on it.

    Pot scrubbing feature: I've used it ONCE.
    Adjustable top rack: I've used it ONCE.

    The sprayers are plastic and feel kinda cheap.
    The racks are cheapish feeling as well.

    I paid like 900 bucks for that thing, and I'm feeling kinda ripped off. Really think about the reasons a 400.00 machine won't suit your needs. Again,I'm not saying run away, but, to me, the KA name equating to quality is a thing of the past. I got a KA fridge too. Garbage. Looks nice on the outside, but the drawers are flimsy, and a pain sometimes.

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      KitchenAid is the high-end brand used in the Whirlpool family of appliances. Ditto that Whirlpool/KA does make many of the Kenmore dishwashers. I've posted already on my recent purchase of a KA dishwasher, done after considerable research -- including reading your posts of about 1 year ago, Gordeaux.

      One reason that I went with the KA that I bought (a different model than that identified in the OP's post), over a Whirlpool or lower priced Kenmore (or any other DW for about $500) is that the more moderately priced machines only permit top, not side-mounting. We have granite counter tops, so side mounting was essential. Beyond that, since we've only had our machine about 6 weeks, I'm in no position to report on reliability but I'm crossing my fingers.

      To the OP: Have you done a Google search on the model number? That should take you to online reviews by other owners. The limiting factor of those reviews, typically, is that they are posted relatively soon after the reviewer acquired the machine. The reviews will tell you about the initial reaction to the machines but may not reveal situations like Gordeaux's where the problems arose a year or more into ownership.