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Nov 28, 2010 04:57 AM

Cowbell losing it's touch?

I'm normally a fan of Cowbell; it's usually a go-to for a quiet dinner with friends. When I called at 6:30 on a Saturday night hoping they would have a reservation open at 8 for 3 I was surprised that they were able to accommodate me, and equally as surprised when I walked in and it was almost empty.

Service was slow and ineffective, from the wait staff looking tattered to the incredibly obvious upselling. Then there's the wine debacle where we waited a good 15 minutes to find out the bottle we ordered was no longer available, another 15 minutes to find out our second choice was warm and would we like to drink it anyway, and then we filled our own glasses with our third choice.

The cheese plate was lovely but it sat empty on our table for far too long after we finished.

Two of us had the elk and one the whitefish. The piece of elk that I had looked significantly different than my friend's. Mine was really fatty. Risotto was supposed to be on the bottom but it was undercooked and watery.

The cranberry cake for dessert was bland.

Sadly, in Toronto you have to keep your game up. There are many other places I can drop $100 for a much more enjoyable dinner.

1564 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R1A6, CA

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  1. Sounds like a fluke to me. I was there today and the place was full with satisfied looking people. Food as as good as I have come to expect, in fact the smoked char might have been a bit better than usual. And the aroma of smoking pork (?) from below deck added to the delightful Cowbell atmosphere.

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      Thanks gothlig... glad to hear. I'll give it another go.