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Nov 28, 2010 04:42 AM

Food and Drink for Dudes in Atlanta next weekend

Hello Atlanta Chowhounders,

I am travelling to Atlanta on Friday with 3 friends for the SEC Championship. It looks like we will be staying in Buckhead.

None of us have been to Atlanta before, so we are looking for some advice on where to go get some food and drinks. We'll be having drinks so we will be cabbing or walking anywhere we go.

We plan to go out to eat on Friday night. We want something casual. We are all professionals in our early 40's. One of the group wants BBQ, so it would get strong consideration, but we're open minded.

On the BBQ front, someone recommended Swallow at the Hollow. Any views on it?

We will be going out after the game Saturday for drinks and maybe food. Any recommendations on that front would also be appreciated.


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    1. Though not BBQ, Holeman & Finch is as made for a guy's dinner as anywhere I have been. And the food and drinks are phenomenal.

      1. I would skip Swallow at the Hollow. Not that it is bad BBQ, but if you are staying in Buckhead, it's a long drive out to the northern suburbs and probably not worth it with so many other options in town. You can try Fox Brother's

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          I'd tend to agree mostly b/c Roswell will be a haul. I'd add Community Q to the list. We ate there the other night and the sides were really good (sauteed butternut squash with collards, pickled beets, the uber-creamy mac).

        2. If i were you guys , on Sat id go somewhere near the Dome early---Dantannas in the Omni is good,and its a sports bar, Glenns Kitchen right across from Omin,and Ruths Chris in the Embassy suites.You can take Marta to game,or at least near the game,but ittl be a bear aftert the game to get back on Marta.Id go out the West end of the Dome and grab a cab on Northside Dr,or hoof it up to Peachtree st and have some drinks till the traffaic clears

          Peachtree Cafe
          99 Jeff Davis Rd, Thomaston, GA 30286

          1. Yeah, Swallow is out there, and traffic is going to be pretty awful getting out to the northern burbs on a Friday night. If you want to stick around Buckhead and eat BBQ, Fat Matt's is a good place IMO (regardless of the greasiness debate in one of jla's links). One of my favorite BBQ places is Rolling Bones, a little further south than B'head but in a cool hood, and of course Fox Brothers is the standard (also a drive).

            More in that direction is Holeman and Finch (not exactly casual though), or Varasano's pizza. I've heard good things about Tuk Tuk Thai, too.

            On Saturday after the game I'd stick around downtown and swing by Sidebar on Poplar Street or Meehan's on Peachtree.

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              Meehan's is actually a good thought! It's an Irish Pub local chain, but this downtown location just opened and is within walking distance from the game. And since it's more in the business district, I suspect it won't be as slammed as other spots. Meehan's is in the historic 180 Peachtree building.