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Nov 28, 2010 02:24 AM

Family weekend in paris

We are a family of 5 traveling to Paris on December 3-8. We have three teenage children. We have picked a number of restaurants and I would like some feed back on some of our picks.
Le Souk, Au Petit Cahaua,Cheri Bibi,Le Petit Cailour,Le Charbon, Rouge, L'Agrume, Aux Provinces,Mon Oncle. Thank you in advance. We are staying on the left bank.

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  1. I haven't been to one of these...can't comment.

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      I can only comment on Cheri Bibi and Mon Oncle. The latter I'd skip in a heartbeat. I don't think food is their thing, but the 1970s soul playlist was well thought out (maybe that's why Quentin Tarantino loves Mon Oncle?). Of the three courses I had, the creamy soup starter was delicious, the cote de boeuf entree was impossible to chew and overly salted, and dessert was bland and uninspired. But did I mention the music? Cheri Bibi in my opinion is better in terms of food and price, though the cuisine is not at all the best in the city. I like the vibe, which is both neighborhood-y and trendy. I guess I'd call it cozy chic. I believe you can order 3 courses for less than 30 euros, well, at least that was the case earlier this year.

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        I totally agree on Mon Oncle.
        Except that people who go there don't go for the food.
        Therefore it is one of those restos for which, if you must go, you should eat first before going.