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Nov 27, 2010 08:51 PM

press 195 RVC

Went here friday night, it is located in the old Gabrielle's between the movie theatre and blue moon pizza. This is the 3rd location, the original being in Brooklyn and there is a location in Bayside. It's a panini restaurant, every panini is under $10 and they have 40 of them. Plus they have burgers, salads. Both paninis my wife and I had were big and delicious, the frites are big enough for 2 and delicious, but they do make you pay .75 cents for a sauce to dip it in which is a rip off especially considering its not enough for the amount of frites they give you. and the best part of all is they have a craft beer menu.

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  1. Perhaps you would like to tell us in what part of the world the movie theater and Blue Moon Pizza exist.

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    1. re: docooker

      RVC = Rockville Centre, as anyone on Long Island knows.

      1. re: EZ Pass

        EZ Pass
        Sorry some of us are not from Long Island

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          Sorry! I didn't mean to sound snotty, only to point out that the title of the post did include the relevant geographical information if, in fact, you lived in the relevant area.

          1. re: EZ Pass

            Except that those who don't know what RVC is (and I'm not sure I'd have gotten it if I wasn't already familiar with Press 195) wouldn't have known that the relevant geographical information was there. They could have thought the name of the place was "Press 195 RVC" (not much odder than "Press 195") and so wanted to know more.

            Another reason to split this board up.

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              I am sorry for all the stress I have caused. Yes the restaurant is called Press 195 and the location is in Rockville Centre, Nassau County Long Island. RVC is not part of the name of the restaurant. and i totally agree with Scott_R, a Long Island only board would be great, and probably draw more readers.

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                No worries. Netchat tends to lend itself to confusion. :)

    2. how would you rate it against la bottega in the same town? they have a huge variety of similar items. la bottega is up to 12 locations in nassau and suffolk. we went to the garden city south location twice while visiting relatives in the area last week. that one has a huge menu with tons of choices and not just paninis.

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      1. re: davmar77

        Press 195 in a landside. When we lived in Brooklyn we ate there at least once a week. Now that we live in Suffolk I have driven to Bayside several times to get the goods. Sandwiches are on excellent ciabatta bread with many creative ingredients. Current faves are the #5 and #18. We always get the Hudson Valley Salad with grilled chicken. If you want to really indulge get the pressed knish sandwiches.

        1. re: sgny

          I've only been to one La Bottega and it was the one in Gaarden City South as well. I had one of the roast pork panini's and it was only ok. I remember it being dry. I don't remember what my wife ate but i remember both of our impressions of the place being the same. What i do specifically remember is that it took like 45 minutes for them to cook my panini. I just looked at their menu, and there are quite a few things that look good, and I'm sure i will try it again some day. But to compare what i remember about it to my experience at Press 195, there was no comparison.

          1. re: jpf1980

            I've been to La Bottega a bunch of times and had good experiences; I just went to Press 195 for the first time, and I have to say, the latter was considerably better.

            1. re: Scott_R

              Well, I went back, and the experience has made me somewhat less enthusiastic.
              First off, strange fries experience. We ordered some, and it came almost immediately, within minutes of ordering. I thought this meant that the panini would come out with astonishing speed, but they didn't arrive until twenty minutes later, by which time the fries were long gone. A contrast to my previous experience, when panini and fries arrived simultaneously. Had they made a decision to do so, to give people something to eat while they waited? I don't think I was an exception: the people at the table next to us also got their fries immediately.

              More problematically, the fries were limp, as if they'd made a lot of them ahead of time and kept under a warmer. Very disappointing.

              The panini were good enough. I had some sort of spicy chicken-hummus thing. Couldn't really taste the chicken, which wasn't exactly spicy.

              Then the beer. Much too cold each time--last time it was so cold there were literally ice crystals in it. I don't see the point in serving top-quality beer so icey. The cold numbs the taste, after all. I'm saying it should be room temperature (though I've enjoyed pints that way in the UK), but IMHO really cold beer is served so to hide the taste.

              Not a bad overall experience (well, maybe the fries bordered on it), but not so great.

              1. re: Scott_R

                Well, there were a whole bunch of replies to my Jan 25 post that were deleted by the moderators for some unknown reason, so I'll try to write this while having it make sense without the missing context.

                I went back again. The fries were, happily enough, back to the standard of my first visit--crispy and excellent. The accompanying garlic dip was less successful; more mayo-y than garlicky.

                The sandwich, turkey, brie, roasted peppers and roasted garlic spread was enjoyable. It could have been brought up to amazing if the turkey had been carved rather than thinly sliced (packaged cold cuts, I presume). Even better would have been the option to order dark meat.

                The beer was, again, frustratingly cold. Why offer darned good beers and serve them so cold you can't taste them? I don't understand it. Any good beer guide will give you serving temps.

        2. re: davmar77

          lol my sis asked me the same exact ques after i told her how much i liked press. i went this weekend for the first time & when i paused too long cause i couldnt decide which i liked more, she clearly read my mind that press won. their sandwhiches have a lot of variety. if you want a salad though, la bottega has more options & press doesnt have any pizzas, pastas, etc.

          i had a whole wheat wrap (they press those if you prefer to the thick bread) with grilled eggplant, smoke gouda, roasted red peps & garlic spread....soooo goooood, lil gooey btwn the cheese & garlic spread but that was fine by me. plus they have some great beer choices, local ones too.

          i wish both places would offer a sandwich/salad combo (hint hint :) )

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. Hi Brian,

            I'm glad I can ask for extra sauce. I'm not a pushy person, and we just dealt with being short on sauce. But our waitress definitely didn't offer a 2nd portion of it.

            Where is that Outrage IPA coming from, I can't find any reference to Crossroads brewing on the internet, not even on

          2. I have tried the food at Press 195 only 2 times once some one brought me a sandwich (take out) for a late lunch which was a meat loaf sandwich. It was OK/good but would not order it with all of the choices they have there. Second time a friend and I sat down for dinner. I asked the waitress as I always do, "if you were having dinner right now what on the menu would you order?" I believe her name was Anna if I'm not mistaken, she recommended 2 different sandwiches that were right on the money. We liked the fact that most of the beers were from local breweries and went with the waitresses recommendation again and tried 2 different local beers. The fries were excellent, was not crazy about being charged $.75 per sauce to dip but it is what it is. Two of the owners came around at different times during our visit and spoke with us. Thought it was a nice touch. I believe Brian who posted above was one. It was a very pleasurable experience and will go back again.
            As far comparing La Bottega and Press 195, I feel they are both good in there own right, would much rather visit Press 195 again. There atmosphere and staff make a big difference.

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              OK. Now my interest is piqued. What is the meaning or significance of Press 195?
              I have lived in Westchester for more than 40 years but I do remember buying a Volvo in 1969 at a place called Karp Motors. Is that the same family that now runs Press 195?