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Nov 27, 2010 07:55 PM


i literally had a dream about mexico city -style churros y chocolate. where can i find in houston, other than at hugo's?? maybe someplace on airline / n main? or southwest?

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  1. El Bolillo Bakery have churros. I am not sure if they have chocolate to go along with it, though.

    El Bolillo Bakery
    2517 Airline Dr
    Houston, TX 77009

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    1. re: toki

      El Bolillo has Abuelita out of a machine. It's out of a machine, but at least you've got something to dip the churros into. :-)

      1. re: toki

        Guadalajara on the Katy FWY and another on the SW FWY have churros that comes with two cups of dipping sauce, one chocolate and one is cajeta. Pretty good.

      2. I haven't been down to El Bolillo in over a year but the warm, fresh churros will be on a tray on the counter in the mornings; if they've been moved to the glass display cases along the walls they're less fresh. I only get them if they're still out on the counter.

        But basically any panaderia is going to make churros so if there's one more convenient to you, check it out. May have Abuelita or champurrado, too, although maybe only on weekends. I've got a tortilleria near me on the SW side that does tamales and champurrado on weekend mornings and there was a panaderia a couple doors down for a short time.

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        1. re: brucesw

          Went to el bolillo sunday midday. churros were on the counter, but definitely not fresh. cold and stale, not what i was looking for but exactly what i expected. any other ideas..? or do i just need to go earlier?

          1. re: nyf201

            Maybe I've just been lucky but I've probably always been there earlier than that. Call them and see if they have a set time (like when they first open) for turning them out. Same could apply to any panaderia.

        2. Arandas bakery has churros, and you can get churros con cajeta as well. 45 south and Monroe area.

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          1. re: john redcorn

            John redcorn I chose your post to respond to because of your great name. El Jardin on Harrisburg and 78th have them according to their menu, although I have not tried them. I think everyone should journey out to the far east barrio and give this place a shot. I've been going for years and like the quesos, carnitas, grilled meats and shrimp, plus the camarones empanizados, fried shrimp. By the way john redcorn, how's Dale Gribble?


            El Jardin Restaurant
            7849 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX 77012

          2. Hugo's has Churrros and hot choc. Awesome.
            Mi Tienda market has them fresh when you walk out of the store but there isn't hot choc unless you can get it in the refresqueria inside the store. They have a plain, carmel and vanialla churro. All very good.

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            1. re: jscarbor

              Is the chocolate thick? Spanish style?

              1. re: Jaymes

                The chocolate drink at Hugo's is thick but Im not sure what the thickener is for it. Its almost straight choc.

                1. re: jscarbor

                  Oh boy! I've been to Hugo's several times, but never even thought about ordering churros & chocolate there. May seem silly, but I might go there just for that.

            2. I adore churros made from scratch and served warm. So delicious. Haven't had any in Houston ever but Jimmy Changas said they will have them on their dessert menu after the novelty of the new place wears off. They aren't equipped to do desserts right now due to the volumes of people trying the restaurant. They have an ice cream machine in the lobby so you have to settle for a soft serve right now if you need a sweet fix. It's in Deer Park so it's not likely you'll come this far for them. But for me - oh yeah!!!