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Nov 27, 2010 06:26 PM

HELP ME! Need to buy california rolls for party with 40 people!!!

Hello Chowhounders!

I need to buy enough california (avocado) rolls for 40 people for a party. There will be other appetizer-type food there, but I still have to make sure the rolls don't disappear too quickly.

Is UGLY SUSHI in Palms a good place to get california rolls for a large number of people?

Or am I better off getting them at a market?

Obviously, it would be good to get a great deal on a larger quantity... but I want them to taste good too.
(I would make them myself, but I just don't have the time!)

Also, I'm trying to figure out how many rolls to get.


P.S. I live downtown so if there are good options in Little Tokyo, let me know too.

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  1. Check out Fujiya Market.
    They're a small family owned Japanese market on Virgil and Melrose. They're reasonable. They've been there for 50+ years and do sushi of all kinds. You tell them how many you're serving and how you want it want real crab meat or that fake stuff, they'll do whatever you want.
    I get my poke for a parties there.

    Fujiya Market
    601 North Virgil Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90004-2317
    (323) 661-9400

    Another family operated market that does sushi is Tozai Market in Rosemead. Many Japanese American families go there to get sushi platters because they have good prices and do a good job.

    Tozai Market
    1326 Potrero Grande Drive (Next to Resurrection Cemetary)
    Rosemead, CA
    (626) 288-5124

    Fujiya Market
    601 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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    1. re: monku

      MONKU: Thank you so much for responding. You are a party-lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!! And Fujiya is close to me... ROCK! Happy Holidays!

      1. re: monku

        Just wanted to post back here that FUJIYA MARKET, unfortunately, does not sell prepared rolls for parties. They have the ingredients if you want to make them yourself, but they don't do the parties/catering route.

        1. re: Liquid Sky

          You might check with Asakuma's sushi delivery (they also offer pick-up from their locations) to see what they would charge: (I'm assuming this part of their business is still open - even though their restaurant upstairs at Barrington and Wilshire closed recently).

          1. re: Liquid Sky

            Interesting and good to know...... I have a friend who brings sushi from Fujiya, but could be he's known them for years and they'll make it for him.

            Tozai I know does.
            Another friend goes there every new year to get sushi.

        2. Sakae in Gardena does an excellent job in maki sushi, including California rolls. It might be a bit far, but these are excellent. They also have inari and battera (pickled mackeral) available.

          1601 Redondo Beach Blvd
          Gardena, CA

          Cross street: Denker.

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          1. re: Ogawak

            Love that place! It's great take out sushi and they ONLY do take out. Everything is homemade and I especially love their California rolls with actual shrimp and big chunks of avocado instead of the mushed shrimp stuff (aka fake crab).

            They have hands down the best California roll!

          2. liquid sky
            I also live in downtown and there is a udon sushi joint inside the Hannam Chain market on olympic and vermont. I have gotten california rolls for catering there and they are pretty good since they are made to order and not refrigerated prepackaged. You could go there and try an order to see if you like it. Also their udon is really good.

            1. My sister always gets big trays of California rolls from Yama Seafood in San Gabriel on Las Tunas. They are delicious and slightly oversized -- great for parties and potlucks. I wind up stuffing my face with them whenever I see a tray at a family event.

              Yama Seafood LA
              911 W Las Tunas Dr
              San Gabriel, CA 91776
              (626) 281-8045

              1. Costco carries some pretty good California rolls for a very good price. This all depends on what your local Costco carries though. The Costco in Irvine off of Technology Drive carries two types. One that is pre-made way before hand and not as good and one that is made daily, which are pretty good in my opinion.

                Might want to give your local Costco a call and see if they make theirs daily.

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                1. re: TNT Adventures

                  Eek. Costco? I've had their California rolls once or twice and they're maybe just OK even for the price, but with so many other options (unless the OP is constrained by costs only), why even THINK of Costco?!

                  1. re: mstinawu

                    TNT is saying their Costco makes another one daily, not that pre-made stuff most have.

                    1. re: monku

                      MY Costco (MDR) only has those pre-made ones. Not that great.

                      Which Costco's other than the one in Irvine off of Technology Drive makes daily CA rolls?

                        1. re: monku

                          In my opinion the daily made ones were vastly superior to the pre-packaged and pre-made ones that I have had at Costco.

                          OP stated that he or she wanted to get a good deal on a larger quantity, hence the reference to Costco.

                          Scotty - I haven't seen any other Costco's that carry the daily made ones other than the one in Irvine.

                          Monku - Thank you.