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Nov 27, 2010 05:59 PM

Meat pies in Vancouver

Got a sudden craving for meat pies in Vancouver ala simple simons in Calgary. any tips? I'm mainly looking for a place i can go to, pick up a bunch of frozen ones and stuff them into my freezer for when I'm craving them again. thanks :)

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  1. Fresh Bean Coffee House on E. Hastings (few doors east of Penticton St) sells Aussie Pies.

    There used to be a place called Kiwi Pie Co. on Kingsway just east of Joyce. I bought a few pies once there, pretty tasty but I found them a wee bland. I think they've since closed.

    But some butcher shops (ie: Jackson Meats) sells them.

    Dunno about places that sell frozen ones though. If you find some, let me know :-)

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Kiwi Pie Co. on Kingsway (and the other location formerly on Robson St.) are definitely kaput.

    2. Safari Gourmet Pies
      102-5777 Beresford St.
      Burnaby, BC
      (604) 431-7403

      Also British Butcher Shop in N Van and Windsors meats on Main near King Edward. Can't endorse them because I have not had any recentle.

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        Safari sounds perfect from the googling I've done! Too bad it is eons away from me…. maybe I will have to do a road trip out there tomorrow….

      2. The Pie Shop on Granville Island in the market do meat pies of several varieties and sell frozen individual size ones. I like their Steak and Kidney pies

        1. not a big fan of frozen pies. But do undertands what u mean about having some in the freezer etc.. Would love to hear how you make out.
          I like the Granville Island pie. There is also the frozen pie tortierre at la parisienne bakery at granville island. Good crust.
          one of the Meinhardt pie is made by a gentleman that made them for the Queen during olympics. They are pretty decent.

          1. I really can't say from experience but i've been hearing great things about the meat pies at the British Butcher Shop, especially the steak and guinness. There's one in N. Van and one in Coquitlam

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              Their pies are decent in terms of the quality and quantity of meat provided but sometimes the bottom crusts can be soggy. Cori's kitchen meat pies available at Stong's Market are pretty good but come only in indivivual serving sizes. I like the boneless beef short rib varient.