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Nov 27, 2010 04:40 PM

Where's the best place to get a seafood meal while driving the Connecticut coast?

I'm planning to take a day trip driving the Connecticut coast, leaving from NYC. Any recommendations for good seafood meals along the way? Oysters, fried fish, lobster, all of it!

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  1. Stop by Stonington...Exit 91 Water St Cafe, great oyster bar and seafood specials. Cove Fish Mart for fried seafood and lobsters,,,

    Water St Cafe
    143 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378

    1. Lenny and Joe's in Westbrook (no raw bar at Madison location)

      1. You can get all you are looking for including a decent raw bar at the Chowderpot in Branford. Reasonable prices and good food.. Exit 56 off I-95.

        1. I second Lenny & Joe's. They have two restaurants. If you just can't make it as far as Westbrook, you can always go to the one in Madison.

          Lenny & Joe's
          Westbrook, CT, Westbrook, CT

          1. For basic seafood, Lenny and Joe's (Westbrook) is an old favorite. Chowderpot is adequate, but very noisy, especially on weekends. For a little higher end experience, try Liv's Oyster Bar (full restaurant plus the oyster bar of the name) in Old Saybrook. In Stonington, Noah's is almost as good as Water Street Cafe and a bit funkier. In Groton, The Seahorse is a little hard to find, but has good food, if slow service.

            Liv's Oyster Bar
            166 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

            Water Street Cafe
            25 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360