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Nov 27, 2010 04:33 PM

Help me figure out what Le Creuset product is this? (Bought it from Marshall's)

My husband and I found a really great Le Creuset "oven" from Marshall's. It was nestled all the way in the back of a shelf surrounded by Cuisinart cast iron ovens.

We have been trying to figure out what exactly it is. It's not a french oven because it's not as tall and small as the normal ones. We even took it to Williams-Sonoma and they had no idea what it was. Looked online on Le Creuset and the closest thing was a "Round Wide Oven" in the Speciality section of Enameled Cast Iron products. Ours is a "30...a 9 qt" and the one Le Creuset has online is a 26-27.

It's 4 inches tall and 12 inches wide round.

Wondering if we got duped into buying a fake Le Creuset product?

Pics of the oven:

It shows "30 France" on the inside lid.

Thanks for all your help!!!

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    1. re: Jay F

      Yes, it is the risotto pot. The 26-27 measurement you saw was for the smaller 3.5 qt. version of the risotto pot. The oven is also called the low wide. It's a great shape and size. That shape is also called a roundeau (sp.?). WS used to carry it, but don't any longer although it still may be on their site online. They closed them out in the stores for $99.99. Too good to pass up!

    2. Hmmmm. At first glance, I thought it looks a lot like my La Marmite, but your pot seems to have straighter sides than the La Marmite, which is sloped. I found the box and grabbed a pic. The details and an illustration are on the box, so you should be able to compare it with yours. But if it will help, I'll be happy to take pictures tomorrow of the pot itself, and check the inside of the lid. My pot is even the same color as yours, I think - Flame, right? I think that's such a gorgeous color!

      I think the La Marmite is meant to use for stuff like stews or thick soups. My kitchen is currently in transition and mostly packed up, but I used it a lot. I cook for 3-4 people and the 2-1/2 qt size is perfect. And since the shape is more like a sautee pan than a Dutch oven, it's wonderfully easy to brown and sear meat, and to sautee in it - onions, garlic, other veggies - and then continue to make the soup or stew.

      From the shape and dimension, I'm thinking maybe yours is a skillet for frying chicken, that sort of thing? Also, I don't know how to authenticate Le Creuset, but that one looks like a normal Le Creuset. Also, I think TJMaxx would get in a lot of trouble if they were caught selling counterfeits. So I'm pretty sure you weren't duped, you got a real Le Creuset, and you just have to figure out what model this is.

      If you still want pictures of my pot so you can rule it out, let me know, and I'll take a few tomorrow ad post them.

      Here is my La Marmite. I think there is a larger version, like 5 quarts. This one is 2-1/2 qts.

      1. I have a 9 qt LC. It has a #30 lid and is about 5.5" high (just the pot, not including the lid). Some wide rounds do also have #30 lids. Have you filled yours up with water and determined that it indeed holds 9 quarts? It seems yours might be a wide round that holds less than 9 quarts.

        1. Just checked Jay F's suggestion and I think he's right. They describe the risotto pot as a "shallow" Dutch oven, which describes yours perfectly, and the size is listed as 12" diameter.

          Here is the link to that pot on Le Creuset's website:

          1. I often see this pot at TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Homegoods. It's now called a "risotto pot" (as Jay F says), but it used to be called a "wide" 6-quart (I think) French oven. It's a genuine Le Creuset product, but one that apparently wasn't very popular. Nevertheless, it looks like a nice, useful size and shape. If I didn't already have a good saucier of about the same capacity, I'd have bought one myself!