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Nov 27, 2010 03:56 PM

11/26/10 Myers and Chang, Saturday "Dim Sum": Terrific Variety and Quality

Through this past summer's WGBH auction, we got an M and C coupon and we finally had our baptism experience today. I can't think of the last time we had this many different items that we were very happy with. (Note for the initiates: Dimsum menu is not Lunch menu or Dinner menu and only dimsum are available during dimsum service.)

Favs(ordered seconds):
* Omelet of Chinese Sausage,Caramelized onion and Siracha- moist, tender, perfectly spiced, salted, prepared
* Tea Smoked Pork Spareribs- tender, silky, divine
* Dan dan noodles in peanut sauce w/ slivered cuke and cilantro;the creaminess of the noodles themselves was astounding (reminded me of japanese soba noodles). I would take these any day over the undercooked fresh noodles at East by Northeast.

Close to Top:
* Bao stuffed w/ braised short rib- tender white steamed bun(i thought i didn't like these?!)
* Sweet potato fritters w/ chinese sausage
* Mama chang's pork dumplings- excellent toothsome wrapper, good flavor and texture of filling,
but the SAUCE was the standout element; very unusual.
* Hakka Eggplant- easily the prettiest dish of the day- bright purple-skinned thick coins in a rich
5 spice sauce
* Thai Iced Tea- finally, what ALL Thai restaurants should be serving- uncloying, just-sweet-enough homemade version of iced Thai Tea.

* Spring rolls- odd flavor to veg. filling; too heavy on garlic notes; but nice non-cloying sweet sauce
* Greens and Shiitake filled pot stickers. Only could taste spinach; too one note; but another unique sauce.

Room was cheery and sunny, if lacking in appropriate memorable decor (think Wild Ginger in Seattle or Beetlenut in San Fran.) Staff were gracious and helpful; though very overworked (3pm Sat.) Front of house should have greeted w/ info for newbies; there was certainly time to do that and no line.Instead, we waited for 10-15 minutes before any server came to explain things.

This meal was a combined breakfast and lunch for us. Cost before tip was $72, but we likely eat more than most CHs. ( A great plus for us was finding C Market just down Washington St. and that they sell my addiction- cans of (Coffee cracker coated)Cohee Peanuts. Really hard to find these Indonesian imports, so yeehaw!)

Since I am not a Flour fan, I am pleased that I CAN be a joann chang admirer, now that we've discovered M and C.Really looking forw to returning for more options at a dinner time tbd.
Thank you MC Slim and other CHs for your helpful posts.

Myers + Chang
1145 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. My family had brunch here on Sunday to celebrate my brother's birthday. Much thanks to opinionatedchef for the recommendation. I agree the omelet and the tea smoked spareribs are some of the best on the menu. Especially that rib!

    The other dishes that I really went crazy about, and maybe this is a little weird, were the green vegetables. Both super-satisfying. We had the charred bok choy with shitake mushrooms and the gai lan (similar to broccolini?) with ginger. I was a bit greedy with these... not a good example for my niece on how to share.

    Adding to opinionatedchef's losers: the lemon shrimp dumplings... they were just bad. They had kind of a dirty dishes taste to them.

    It wasn't too crowded in there which worked out well for my family since we all decided to drive and it was tough to find parking in the area. Having plenty of other tables open took the edge off almost all of us being late for our reservation and thankfully the staff was ok with us. It was also kid friendly so feel free to bring your well-behaved children that love to eat dumplings.

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    1. re: heypielady

      so glad you enjoyed it. ah, those ribs... and that omelet!

      just for the sake of consolidation, here's a link to my latest experience there, and the responses:

    2. I really wanted to like Myers and Chang's dim sum, but left disappointed. I ate there about 6 months ago. The two real stand outs were the pork belly buns, and the lychee soda.

      Otherwise the others were not very memorable, or disappointing. One thing that was memorably bad was the dumplings. We got them and they were almost a dark brown color. Usually dumplings should be a light gold color. We thought it may have been a bad batch, but another order of dumplings (of a different type) came out the same color. We even asked the waiter if they normally come out like this, and he said yes. Aside from the color (and close to being burnt), they didn't have much flavor.

      I REALLY REALLY want to like this place, because I love Flour, and Joanne is awesome, but the dim sum didn't beat the dim sum of Chinatown favorites like China Pearl or Chow Chow. Except for those pork buns. I would go there and just eat pork buns. Half tempted to this weekend.

      China Pearl Restaurant
      288 Mishawum Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

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        well, BUUUUmmer. i hate it when i excitedly go somewhere because it was touted on CH but for some reason, the "restaurant lucky spirits" are taking the night off. (this happened to me the other night at Falafel Corner in Harv Sq. ) When that happens, if i 'trust your sources', i always make sure to give the place a 2nd chance. did you try any of the rave dishes mentioned?( for me it's the tea smoked ribs, the udon dish, and the omelet)