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Nov 27, 2010 03:53 PM

Great meal at Blackfish in Conshohocken

Had another great byob meal recently at Blackfish in Conshohocken PA, which remains my favorite Philly area restaurant. It was another one of their Tuesday night $45 four-course dinners focused around a single ingredient, this time CRAB. I fear my descriptive powers fail me in the face of such wonderful cuisine, so here are a few photos.

~Wild mushroom soup shooter

~Dungeness crab in Kombu broth with a 63-degree egg (cooked at 63C to a unique consistency)

~Galette de crab "George Perrier" (a tribute to Chip Roman's mentor, it is his take on George's signature dish)

~Veal Oscar with jumbo king crab, BĂ©arnaise sauce and trumpet mushrooms

~Manjari (a citrus-flavored chocolate from Madagascar) pot de creme with preserved orange segment

~Cheese plate (extra $) with Amazing Acres goat cheese, Manchego, drops of 100 year old sherry vinegar and beet membrillo paste

~'06 Ratzenberger Bacharacher Kloster Furstental Riesling Sekt Brut
~'07 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett
~'76 H. Josef Fries Noviander Honigberg Riesling Auslese
~'06 Giacomo Conterno Barbera d'Alba Cascina Francia

Upcoming Tuesday night dinners (I swear I'm not getting a kick-back, I just love this place!):

11.29.10 (Monday) guest chef Pierre Calmels of Bibou (I'll be there!)
11.30.10 Lobster
12.07.10 Beef
12.14.10 King Crab
12.21.10 Foie Gras
12.28.10 Lobster

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  1. Some more photos... We happened to be sitting at the "cookbook table", and it was interesting to see what sort of cookbooks Chip has collected. Plenty of obvious names, but I was disappointed not to see "Mastering the Art of French Cooking I & II". I guess you don't need it if you have the benefit of a real culinary school education, but still...

    1. Tir, great pictures and my mouth is watering, I totally get when you find a great place to eat and you want to share it with everyone!

      Thanks for the calendar of events... and, um hey if you ever need anyone to help out with those wines, just let me know!

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      1. re: cgarner

        Thanks cgarner! If you haven't been, you should definitely check out Blackfish.

        If I get a chance, I'll post some photos from Pierre Calmel's dinner last night at Blackfish. The house was completely packed. Not surprisingly, given the combined talents of my two favorite Philly-area chefs, it was a wonderful meal.

        Passed on going again tonight for lobster. I need a few days to recover from last nights excesses (I can still taste the foie gras-stuffed pigs feet!).

        Would definitely be up for a byob Chowdown sometime...

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Send me an e-mail and let's organize something...

            1. re: Tir_na_nOg

              I've heard nothing but great things about Blackfish and really need to get there.

              Maybe we could organize a big Chowhound night there and take over the place?

              1. re: mitchh

                I would be totally up for that. I haven't tried it yet and I want to get over there!

            1. re: phillybakingqueen

              Just to throw it out there I did send an email to Blackfish asking how many people they would require for a private event and what the cost per person would be. I also mentioned that it would be a midweek event.

              I'll keep you posted when I get a reply.

              1. re: mitchh

                We had several inconsistent meals at Blackfish a few years back, and have not been back since. However based on the recent reviews and menus we will definitely be going back, perhaps even joining all of you if there is a Chowhound event!!!

                1. re: EpicurBurbs

                  My experience there over the past several years is one of remarkably high consistency over around 190 visits. In fact, I am quite astonished by the fact that rather often a dish comes out of the kitchen that is not merely excellent, but meets the qualitative standards my wife and I get consistently at Per Se in NY.
                  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

                  1. re: RocketJSquirrel

                    Dude, you need to occasionally try some other restaurants! ;-)

                    1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                      Just had great meals at Barclay Prime and Le Bec Fin (also around 200 times, in total).
                      Here's a secret, for those who are able to indulge. The lunch at Blackifsh. There is always a main course of fish from the regular menu for $15. Yesterday's was a superb blackish in a sauce with black truffles, crunchy on the skin side and just wonderful.Not enough? Well, we started with a large bowl of lobster bisque for $8. Not the kind watered down with this that or the other, but real, intense lobster. If you've had it, you know what I mean. There are other fun items for lunch that are quite good, but for me the opportunity to have two real courses of great food for $23 just screams bargain.

                2. re: mitchh

                  Mitchh... count me and a +1 for the Mister too

                  1. re: cgarner

                    I received a reply from Blackfish

                    Thank you for your interest at Blackfish Restaurant.
                    We have two rooms. One can hold 40 ppl and the other one 22 ppl max.
                    You can order a la carte or we can create a menu for you.
                    We are willing to work with your budget.

                    Regarding the size, I think it would be best to hold it to 20. While it would be great to get 40, to get that many people to agree to a date is going to be tough.

                    Regarding menu, I think we should just let them create a menu.

                    I guess the next step is to come up with what kind of budget we want to set and some dates. As for dates, I think it's safe to say that the rest of this month is out, so should we shoot for something in January or February?

                    1. re: mitchh

                      I am open to anything and everything.

          2. This sounds very cool. If room is still available, count me in with +1 for Mrs Monty

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            1. re: Chefmonty

              Well, I guess the question is, what's the best way to get this organized, on the forum or via email? My thinking is email, so I would ask anyone who is interested to please shoot me an email at with

              How many will be in your party

              whether you would prefer to order a la carte or if you want them to create a menu (majority vote will dictate which direction we go)

              Dates that specifically you specifically cannot make it

                  1. re: mitchh

                    Since it is BOYB, we should probably discuss a wine strategy?

                    1. re: crazyspice

                      Chowhound doesn't permit dinners to be organized on the board (just announced), so I suggest everyone e-mail mitchh directly...

                1. I love Blackfish - have never had a bad meal, and I am picky. I've eaten things I would never have tried before due to the limited menu (aka no red meat/steak as my fall back). The lobster tasting last week was divine....especially a compliment coming off a week at the Cape where seafood was scarfed down at every meal. The service is great. They need to expand and get a liquor license and move to Phoenixville!

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                  1. re: yummykimmy

                    I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I had to say I really really like Blackfish. Just had my second meal there last night and it was delightful. What's not to like? Great food, great service, very nice ambience. Wish we hadn't waited so long to try it. Also wish we could afford to go there much more often. Oysters and skate both times. This is the only place in Philly I would order either, outside of a Mike Stollenwerk restaurant.

                    1. re: JanR

                      Had the beef tasting menu on Tuesday night at Blackfish, which continues to be a great value. The menu consisted of:

                      steak tartare with mustard crisps and micro greens
                      hanger steak on a bed of arugal with a 63 degree egg and hollandaise
                      sirloin steak with wasabi mash potatoes, wax beans and bordelaise sauce
                      molten chocolate cake

                      All three beef dishes were exceptional, and service was prompt but not intrusive.