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Nov 27, 2010 03:38 PM

What would you gift with lemon curd?

I was thinking about making lemon and/or lime curd for Christmas presents for a few friends this year. What would you give with the curd to round out the gift? I was thinking both "instructions" on how to use it, as well as something they can use it with. LIke shortbread cookies and a few hints like, "spread on croissants"

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  1. I'd give it with a separate jar of dry pie dough ingredients...flour, lard or shortening, salt, baking powder, sugar, etc all mixed together & tied with instructions on how to finish it such as "mix in three tablespoons ice water; roll out dough to fit a 9 inch tart pan", etc. I'd also include suggestions such as "use as a tart shell & garnish with fresh berries". You can make a dry dough mix that can also be used for cookies or biscotti so it can have double duty.

    1. I'd be more than happy with just the lemon curd alone (how do I get on your list?) maybe nicely printed "suggested uses" as not everyone is familiar with the stuff. and you can leave that off my jar. TIA!

      1. Whatever you do, don't forget to remind them that it freezes brilliantly. They might need to put it aside for a while until they decide what to do with it.

        Love the idea of pie dough ingredients, or even a little ribbon-tied booklet of suggested uses. And you might remind your lucky recipients that they can mix the curd with a bit of whipped cream, stir in fresh berries, and have a very elegant and easy dessert.

        1. shortbread came to my mind first. then scones, biscuits, gingersnaps, shortcakes, crumpets....

          in addition to or instead of pie dough, you could also give pancake/waffle ingredients in a jar with instructions.

          1. i usually serve my molasses ginger cake with lemon curd, so my first thought was gingerbread...or the dry ingredients along with a recipe for it.

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