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Nov 27, 2010 03:27 PM

Best scones & cream in Blue Mountains?!

Hi -- ex-pat Sydneyite now living in LA is coming home for Christmas - yay!

We love to spend a day bush walking up at the Three Sisters and part of the treat is the afternoon tea afterwards.

We've been to a sweet place in Leura that bakes their scones in little terracotta flower pots -- very cute and good scones. Forget the name, but I know where it is.

Not interested in Paragon Cafe.

But I'm thinking there has to be a good place with a fab view we can go this time?

How about Lilianfels? I expect it is pricey... But it's not something we get to do very often.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance, houndz!

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  1. My vote would be Lilianfels. Their scones are light and airy, very reminiscent of Southern US style buttermilk biscuits. Tasty cream and jam too. :)

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    1. re: SydneyButton

      thanks! I think I read somewhere it is (was?) $55 per person... yikes! But I guess you're paying for the killer view and elegant lounge room?!

      Whatevs - we're doing it anyway.

      thanks again for your response. xox

      1. re: Maxmillion

        It was $45pp and $65 with champagne. But you don't have to have the full High Tea instead you can choose simpler dishes.

        1. re: PhilD

          good to know -- thanks for responding!

    2. Okay, houndz -- we all went to Lilianfels and it was fantastic! Party of 8. Following a rather gruelling but rewarding 3 hour hike down Giant Staircase, Valley "floor," up the vertical railway - so cool! - then across the clifftop along the Prince Henry Cliff walk.

      Best. hike. ever. Never disappoints.

      We went up there on a very hot day, Wed 29th Dec 2010. Katoomba very populated by the masses -- we even saw a drop bear LOL (a fellow was hiding behind a rock to scare his family walking behind us - haha)

      We also saw an echidna and a brown snake !!! Lots of bell birds etc -- gorgeous.

      So, one of the advantages of ending up at Lilianfels afterwards was that you can walk there from the 3 Sisters (same street) so we didn't hve to move our cars (and had been lucky enough to find two good spaces when were arrived around lunchtime.

      What can I say? Fantastic high tea -- more food & cakes that you can handle (we took many home) -- I thought the finger sambos were the best, esp the egg salad.

      Good latte (may have cost extra - I don't think it did. Kids "spider" and fancy juice did, I think.)

      Scones were plump & fluffy -- there's never enough cream (but I was so full anyway, I couldn't even eat the second scone.

      Cakes & macaroons looked gorgeous.

      Service is FIVE STAR. Wonderful staff. Now, bear in mind they did not have a record of my booking, made about 3 weeks previously from LA for a party of 12. Panic!! I called the day of to pare the rez down to a definite 8 and that's when I got the alarming news. Well, they seated the 8 of us in a gorgeous group of lounge chairs -- no problem.

      The also brought us a complimentary glass of champagne for all the adults. They said at the time it was bc the food was taking so long but I am pretty sure it was bc of the booking stuff up bc the manager came and spoke to me on our way out to apologise and I raved about the exceptional service.

      No one batted an eye that we were all a bit red-faced and sweaty and in hiking togs and shoes. We all washed our faces in the nice bathrooms and made ourselves fairly presentable for a simply divine afternoon tea.

      Highly recommended.