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Nov 27, 2010 03:11 PM

Holiday office potluck breakfast

There's a potluck holiday breakfast every year that I'd like to make something interesting for. It needs to be portable and can be served at room temperature. and I will have to make it the day before. It also needs to be easy to serve. Any thoughts? I'm a skilled cook without a big budget. Thanks.

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  1. There are loads of ideas on this site; key in "potluck" to bring them up

        1. mini frittatas using a cupcake pan

          1. One word...bacon. Brush your bacon with maple syrup and cook it in the oven. You'll have lovely, flat strips. Serve them like breadsticks in a deep bowl with a little maple syrup in the bottom. As folks pull their strip out of the bowl, they get a little maple syrup dripping down their strip of bacon.

            If there's a microwave at your office, you may wish to warm the strips first but guess what, they're just as good at room temp. Last year I mixed some chipotle powder into the maple syrup and folks just loved it. The year before i'd sprinkled some finely chopped walnuts on the bacon after basting w maple syrup but before cooking and this was a huge hit as well.