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Holiday office potluck breakfast

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There's a potluck holiday breakfast every year that I'd like to make something interesting for. It needs to be portable and can be served at room temperature. and I will have to make it the day before. It also needs to be easy to serve. Any thoughts? I'm a skilled cook without a big budget. Thanks.

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  1. There are loads of ideas on this site; key in "potluck" to bring them up

        1. mini frittatas using a cupcake pan

          1. One word...bacon. Brush your bacon with maple syrup and cook it in the oven. You'll have lovely, flat strips. Serve them like breadsticks in a deep bowl with a little maple syrup in the bottom. As folks pull their strip out of the bowl, they get a little maple syrup dripping down their strip of bacon.

            If there's a microwave at your office, you may wish to warm the strips first but guess what, they're just as good at room temp. Last year I mixed some chipotle powder into the maple syrup and folks just loved it. The year before i'd sprinkled some finely chopped walnuts on the bacon after basting w maple syrup but before cooking and this was a huge hit as well.

            1. there are so many ways you can go, but it would be best to know what others are planning to make so you don't duplicate. is there any way to find out?

              in the meantime:
              - frittata
              - baked oatmeal, polenta, or lemon polenta cake, served with fruit compote
              - quiche - either large sliced, or miniature
              - egg "muffins"
              - assorted muffins or scones served with homemade fruit compote or lemon curd
              - coffee cake (pumpkin streusel, pear-ginger or cranberry-apple for the holidays)
              - different varieties of homemade granola, served with milk & alternatives
              - homemade bagels served with different flavors of cream cheese

              1. I fell in love with these muffins when I made them. The smell was incredible. I'd even toy with making them again and adding some bacon, too. http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/201...

                1. Crepes with a fruit filling - I use peaches for the inside, then blueberry sauce for the outside with a dollop of whipped cream (which people can put on themselves). You can assemble the crepes with the filling the night before, put in a plastic container or on a platter covered tightly with plastic wrap, then put out bowls of toppings for people to serve themselves. Include a shaker of icing sugar and people will think you worked really hard on something decadent!

                  1. we did that last year so i thought i'd do something i hadn't done before. we have an electric skillet and a single portable electric burner. i brought a couple of dozen eggs, already cut up peppers, onions and mushrooms, and a couple of different bags of shredded cheeses. i also brought a small fry pan. i played omelet station and everyone loved it. someone else had brought bacon, rolls, etc. i didn't attempt to make one for every person but made a few large batches with different ingredients enough to suit everyone. it was fun.