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Nov 27, 2010 02:36 PM

BBQ on Sunday

I'm planning to be in the Austin area for BBQ on Sunday. I'll be in Lockhart but willing to travel a few minutes outside if it is worth going to. I know that most places are closed. Anyone have some suggestions? We'll be driving from Houston tomorrow morning. Thanks. Name and address of the place would be appreciated. Any info such as hours, phone numbers, items not to be missed are a plus. Thank you.

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  1. Black's in Lockhart is open on Sundays. Smitty's and Kreutze's closed. Don't know about Chisolm Trail. Never heard that the Luling place is open on Sundays so I assume it's not. Go to Black's. I've never had any success at eating at more than one place in a day anyway....

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      Actually, Smitty's is open on Sunday from 9am to 3pm according to their website. I've been on a Sunday so it is indeed the case.

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        Wow sorry they didn't used to be. I'd go to Smitty's. When their brisket is on it's the greatest. Smokey crunchy magnificence. : )

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          "when their brisket is on" therein lies the problem. I find blacks to be a lot more consistent (and their beef ribs rock!) but I must admit the best brisket I've had is at smittys. then again I've been there and had some crap brisket as well.

    2. Yep, Smitty's all the way. Avoid Black's at all costs is my advice.

      1. Smitty's is the first stop on our trip today. Thanks for the advice. We were going to do both Smitty's and Black's but maybe we should just spend our time, money and appetite at Smitty's. Appreciate the time it took for you to write, BT, agoodbite and angusB. We'll be leaving Houston in a couple of hours to try to make it to Smitty's at opening time.

        1. Definitely do Black's... don't know what the naysayers are naysaying, but I love Black's brisket and sausages. Sides are pretty much forgettable though. With Smitty's open as well a smoked meat tasting is in order. We'll look forward to the results.

          1. We started off at Smitty's since they open earlier. Tried the brisket, the ribs, the pork chop and the sausage. My cousin brought Round Rock doughnuts and I'll tell you they were the perfect thing to pair with the savory BBQ! I thought the Smitty's ribs were great. So juicy and tender. The brisket was also very moist and tasty.

            After we left Smitty's, I felt like I was too full to sample any more. But my cousin convinced me that we had travelled so far that we had to visit other places. We went to Kreuz's even though they weren't open just so we could see what the place looked like. Curious that the place although buttoned up had one long table that had dirty napkins, empty bottles and a pile of leftover butcher paper and barbecue scraps. They must have been in a hurry to get out of there last night.

            From there, we went to Black's and tried brisket and sausage. The brisket at Black's had a pink smoke ring that we did not see on the Smitty's brisket. It also was moist but did not seem to have the depth of flavor that we noted at Smitty's. Then again, we didn't have the doughnuts at Black's.

            At both places, I found the sausage to be the biggest disappointment. Also, had I not been so spoiled by my visit to Snow's last weekend, I might have been more impressed with the offerings of these two places that were open on a Sunday.

            The highlight of today's tasting was the Round Rock doughnuts. I loved the Smitty's ribs but Mr. DSG can make ribs as tasty or better. I wanted to like the brisket and sausage enough to buy lots as I did from Snow's but I was not impressed enough to do so.

            The take-away point for me is that Snow's still is the best that I've tasted. We only have a couple more days here in Texas so the other BBQ spots will have to be saved for a future trip. Thanks Hounds for your input and suggestions.

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              Wow, Kreuz's sounded pretty disgusting. I bet the bugs have a field day there, let alone any rodents. That giant building just doesn"t do it for me. Give me Smittty's or Luling City Market.

              City Market
              633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

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                Black's must've been having an off day. The last couple of times I've been there, the brisket has been moist and tasty with the signature black crust. H and I always order the fatty brisket. You're right that Snow's outclasses Black's and Smitty's, but not by much. Based on the multiple (as few as two, as many as four) visits I've made to each in the last 2 years, Snow's is on top, closely followed by Black's and Smitty's when they're on their game. I base my rankings on the brisket (always ordered fatty) because that's what TX barbecue is all about.

                Next time around, you should get a pork steak from Snow's too. It's astoundingly good and much better than the spareribs.

                Thanks for the good follow-up report. I'm always interested in hearing the latest from the TX barbecue giants.

                1. re: agoodbite

                  If you have a chance to drop in on Stanley's BBQ in Tyler, you won't be disappointed with the Pork Ribs and the 'Brother in Law' sandwich.... worth a trip.