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Nov 27, 2010 02:19 PM

American beers available in Spain?

I realize Spain produces good beer (as well as wine, cider, etc.) but I was curious if the States' 'micro' beers such as Dogfish Head, New Belgium, or Sierra Nevada were sold in Madrid's or Barcelona's stores?
Thanks from Austin, Texas
And planning an extensive visit to Spain soon!

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  1. I think it is _very_ hard (in general) to find US micro-breweries beer in Europe, maybe there are some specialty store that will get a few 6-packs from time to time, but I would not count on it.

    Maybe you can find an American bar in Madrid or Barcelona that will have a better selection of american beers, but again, do not hope to find micro-brews there.

    For example looking at the Dogfish webbie, they say their production is just too small to be able to export to Europe.

    As far as I remember, Spanish beers are commercial quality beers, good and refreshing, but not very exciting if used to drink "speciality" beers; googling a little bit found a couple of micro-breweries in Madrid (like Cervecería Magister)

    Good luck and have fun none the less.

    1. I've lived in Madrid for seven years and I've never seen any American microbrews for sale anywhere. Rediscovering them is one of my favorite things about going back to visit the US. We can get euro beers (Beligian, German, Czech, Irish, etc), Mexican beers (negra modelo, pacifico, sol, coronita, etc.), Quilmes from Argentina... and I've seen Budweiser in a can (strictly for kitsch value, I think). Most people drink whatever beer on tap a bar offers to accompany a free tapa and that's it (my favorites on tap are Estrella Galicia and Alhambra--not a big fan of San Miguel and Cruzcampo--the rest are inoffensive). I think the wildly diverse (and cheap) wine scene here makes it hard for expensive exotic beers to make an incursion into the market.