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Nov 27, 2010 02:05 PM

Chocolate Tortes in Rome

In mid December my family and I will be in Rome. My daughter, a fellow chocolate lover, will be turning twelve in Rome. (How's that for lucky kid?). I would like to get a really good chocolate tort of some sort for a little party. Can anyone recommend a pasticceria with great chocolate items. She loves Sachertorte, and I saw that place called Dolceroma has Viennese pastries, but it seems a shame not to have an Italian pastry while in Rome. Does anyone know Docleroma or another establishment. Thanks for your anticipated advice..

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  1. Rome is not really much of a chocolate-torte town, and most chocolate tortes are imported recipes from elsewhere, like Sachertorte.

    Valzani in Trastevere is famous for its Sachertorte (I haven't had it, but I love their diavoletti). The Web site is pretty gawdawful:

    This pastry shop reportedly makes the Sicilian torta setteveli (seven layers of mostly chocolate), but I'd call before going:

    And the very in pastry shop Cristalli di Zucchero presumably makes some kind of chocolate torte. Of its two locations, the one at Via San Teodoro 88 is the more central.

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      Dont know about the chocolate torte, but the panpepato and pangiallo at Valvani were VERY disappointing to us last year. We also were not impresed by the viennese pastry we bought at Dolceroma, but that was a few years ago now. I would go with something Rome is good at, if I were you, viennese pastry is not a strength.

    2. Ciao Nagual.

      Have a look at this
      Speaking about regional specialties, I don't think Rome is the best place for chocolate torte ;-



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        It's not a genuine regional specialty, except that it was invented on Capri, probably for tourists, but torta caprese (almonds, chocolate, butter, eggs) would be my personal favorite. Sal di Riso, mentioned in the chowhound link above, makes it, along with gooier chocolate tortes that seem to be of his own invention.