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Nov 27, 2010 12:49 PM

Keurig vs Tassimo?

Coffee is very important in our lives. We have had the Saeco Royal Professional for about 8 years now and it makes a good coffee but has had to be repaired many many times. Today is the final straw: it broke down.

I am giving up on it - and after research I have come down to either the Keurig or the Tassimo.

I am not going any other route although I know there are many opinions on this.

However any comments from those who own and use their single pod makers religiously?

Ease of buying the pods is also essential...altho I know Tassimo is easily available at Loblaws. I don't know about Keurig.

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  1. I happen to own both. Tassimo wins in my opinion because of the Starbucks connection. They have many varieties of Starbucks coffee including Cappuccino. The pods are available just about everywhere and you can order them online as well. I like coffee house style coffee - rich strong and brewed to perfection. That is Tassimo. Keurig has over 200 different pods also available everywhere but all too weak for my taste. They don't have, to my knowledge, a cappuccino style coffee where the milk and coffee are brewed separately. Tassimo uses a pressurized water technology to brew the coffee. A different one for each variety. Keurig uses hot water poured through the pod. The plus for Keurig is on one model there is a temperature control so you could change the temperature for whoever is brewing and on all models you can select either regular or large size. I hope that was helpful!

    1. We have had the keurig for about a year now and we absolutely love it. Great quality coffee and the is a huge variety widely available. I got ours at Costco and it was really good deal. It came with a large selection of pods and also the reusable filter so the you can ground coffee.

      I think the only drawback is that the pods are definitely on the pricy side but it is still cheaper than going to Starbucks every day. Also, it so great for each person to have exactly the flavor they want without having to make a whole pot.

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        thx to both of you. I like strong coffee...espresso strong; even if it is a cappuccino or latte....just wondering if the cappucino caps from Tassimo have sugar in them? Mammab I wonder if u could check on your pods?

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          No sugar. Just coffee in the coffee pod and UHT milk and cream in the milk pod. The Chai Latte has sugar. Way too much

      2. i have a selection of coffee is my only beef.Overall...a cup of coffee costs about $1.00 for a starbucks brew....much less for the Nabob brand.This product doesn't take up much counter space.Check around this XMAS time for the best price...i've seen them at $90.00 - $189...depending on the model and features.

        1. I don't drink coffee religiously and I only have Tassimo, not Keurig. The reason I got a Tassimo is because I am a reviewer for its product. In other words, I didn't pick Tassimo over Keurig. I just happened to get it.

          They are different of course and they target different population. Keurig has more selections in coffee favor and it is very easy to find their products. Tassimo has less coffee, but offers more styles. It can make latte, cappuacino, hot milk chocolate, Chai tea lattee. The reason is that Tassimo brews its drink using the bar code, so it can make different drinks based on the information.

          1. "Coffee is very important in our lives"

            If coffee is important to you, I would suggest stay away from all these "pod" machines. There is so much better out there at comparable cost. A simple pour-over (Chemex, Clever, hario V-90) with a decent grinder will out perform these pod toys in a heart beat.

            I suggest going to or or and read the instructions and reviews on those sites.