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Nov 27, 2010 11:36 AM

Country Ham for Christmas Dinner

My wife and her father believe the Christmas meal requires a country ham. Each year, I procure and prepare one. Most years, I'll boil it and slice it. Maybe this year, I'll add some hay, based on Fergus Henderson's techniques.

A special meal requires a special ham. Two years ago, I posted a similar thread and wanted to bring it up on the new Southeast board. Who makes country ham the old way?

So far, the contenders are A.B. Vannoy in Western NC, Felt's Packing in VA, and Benton's Ham's. This year, I'll most likely choose A.B. Vannoy, since I like their story. Any other good ham curers out there in the Southeast?

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  1. I have had slices of the vannoy and I like it. Not to salty but great flavor. THey sell it at my local farmers market in biscuit slices

    1. I like Johnston County Hams in Smithfield,NC. Just a short hop away for you. JCH has a shop on 301 Business. I've never been disappointed.

      1. Hello,

        I have just procured my fourth Ham from the kind folks at A.B. Vannoy and I don't think you can do any better.. As they say, it's made with three things: Sugar, Salt, & time (NO chemicals).. They get my vote..

        Good luck!

        1. If you are anywhere near Winston-Salem, NC and you don't know about this place, get in your car tomorrow morning and go to Ronnie's Country Store on N. Cherry St. downtown. Here's a link (sorry it's a pdf, but it's a good read. Be sure to scroll down to read the second article, too):

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            Ronnie's is an awesome place. They sell W.G. White & Co country hams from Mocksville, NC. Made right and tastes right.

            1. re: Bluemold

              ^ Yep, Ronnie's was W.G. White Grocery for years (the building still bears the White name). Ronnie bought it in the mid-90's and changed the name, but not much else.

          2. Do you want a sugar cured ham? Garden & Gun magazine had a gorgeous article in their latest issue on Country Hams in the South. Benton's was mentioned in the article, but I was intrigued by the folks using Berkshires and making proscuitto! Here's the link