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Nov 27, 2010 10:56 AM


Just had lunch at Ayada with my wife and the food seemed a bit off. Not bad, just not as good as usual. I mentioned it to the waitress who knows us and she said that they've been getting complaints saying the food is too salty or the food's too spicy. So what's happening is the food is being compromised to western tastes. I think it's important to let them know if the food isn't up to the usual standards of excellence and complexity. They need feedback from westerners who want their food authentic. It would be a shame to see this lovely restaurant compromise on its promise.

77-08 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11373

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      yup. place has been overrun by its starred reviews in various ny media. sad.

      1. re: bigjeff

        oh well, i moved on to other excitement a while ago. Ambala, Ploy, Playground

          1. re: pynchoff

            It's a little steam-table place attached to an Indian grocery ...

            Ambala Supermarket
            71-10 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

            1. re: squid kun

              I am not quite sure yet, but I think she only cooks once a day. so the earlier you go the better it will probably be. I always go at noon, so I am used to the fresh.

          2. re: Jeffsayyes

            ambala, that's the one I was trying to remember a few days ago. no other steamtable grandma place in jackson heights except that one right?

            1. re: bigjeff

              that's the only one... in the city?
              There is a new place in Harlem I am interested in. It used to be a laundromat

      2. Lately when I've been ordering from there, i ask them to make the food less salty and less oily. They will adjust it for you - you just have to tell them. =)